Venus Jupiter Conjunction Astrology Facts – Natal vs Transit

The Venus Jupiter conjunction astrology aspects, be it in a natal chart, synastry or the composite chart or via a transit, are some of the most sought-after aspects to have! Here are the 10 facts and tips to help you navigate this goodness in a natal chart and by transit:


1. Lucky in Love or Too Much So?

Stay humble if you have it; a touch of good fortune in love matters and attracting suitors will be on your side. Even if your Venus is afflicted by some difficult aspects such as from Saturn or Chiron, Jupiter can help to alleviate some of the hardships.

There is no such thing as someone never having relationship problems in life, so even the people with this Venus Jupiter conjunction will experience some hardships. But the good news is that there will usually be numerous opportunities for attracting more potential candidates. Also, this natal aspect can give an overall uplifting effect on your life when used effectively and can make you more joyous, pleasant to be around in social settings, and loving. Jupiter adds optimism (for better or worse!) to whatever it touches!


2. Beauty and/or Love, Magnified?

What exactly does Jupiter magnify in a Venus-Jupiter conjunction? To get a more accurate idea of what type of love relating can be expected with this aspect, look at the sign and house for Venus.

Let’s say, your Venus is in Virgo in the 7th House. Virgo, by nature, is somewhat too analytical and critical for the pleasantries-loving Venus. Virgo loves to work and be of service to others, but it also loves to perfect and fix whatever it area of life it touches. Having it in the 7th House adds a Libran quality of being partnership-oriented so a Venus-Jupiter conjunction here will magnify that interest and care for committed relationships. Also, this person might be more self-critical about their own beauty and be a stylistic perfectionist.

However, the analytical and more mental approach to love matters can also get magnified because of Jupiter in the mix. This could be a great position for business partnerships though, with the Venus in Virgo partner actually enjoying the work process and getting the tasks done with precision.

Now let’s put Venus in an aloof and detached Aquarius, and Jupiter will magnify both the number of suitors (Venus conjunct Jupiter makes a person more appealing romantically) but also the traits that are built into the sign that Venus is in. So more aloofness, more detachment is to be expected here together with more popularity.

  • Beware narcissism! I don’t want to set off the alarm bells here but I feel that this issue should be addressed from every possible angle because undetected narcissism can bring so much harm. I will do a separate post about narcissism because it is not as easy to diagnose in the natal chart. For now, if you notice that your partner attracts many suitors, and has other romantic and sexual placements that make you somewhat uneasy (like Mars square Jupiter for magnified sexuality that may result in mishaps due to the square), and there is generally a lot of Jupiter in their chart (Jupiter – Ascendant natal aspects etc), as well as challenged Pluto, Neptune and Saturn, I would just keep an eye out for the Venus Jupiter conjunction because it will spill over into other parts of the personality.


3. Is it All Rainbows and Butterflies?

Let’s say a man has his natal Moon square Venus. This aspect is a challenging one for personal relationships because, throughout life, he will need to learn how to deal with the struggle of his wants and needs likely not being met in the same partner. Meaning that what he wants to feel loved and how he wants to receive loving tokens of attention, is in a disaccord with what he needs to feel safe, emotionally nourished and comfortable based on the familiarity of his inner needs that are connected to his own mother.

Then add a Jupiter conjunction to his Venus, and you get a man who will magnify his romantic wants in a partner, and those wants will often outweigh his needs (Moon). This can create a tricky dynamic of the lingering emotional dissatisfaction that can result in him going after women who satisfy his wants because they are easier to get (the Jupiter will bring a degree of luck there) but may not be enough for him for a role of a wife. In some cases, this could even make this man date two women at once when he recognizes the need to satisfy his emotional needs.

Now let’s take a real-life example from history. Enter Benito Mussolini (you really were hoping for all rainbows and butterflies, weren’t you?).

His Venus Jupiter conjunction natal chart aspect takes place in the sensitive and emotional sign of Cancer, in the 8th house. The Plutonian 8th house of death and rebirth,  transformation and sex. Mussolini’s sexcapades were notorious. Supposedly, he seemed to be quite irresistible to women who flocked to him on a daily! Those women reacted to his Venus Jupiter conjunction trine Ascendant that made him socially appealing and charming while ignoring the deeper problems of his Mars conjunct Saturn being conjunct to his Moon. Anger, depressive and emotionally manipulative episodes and some hostility and desire for control towards women were not overtly apparent to those women who reacted to his outer shell. With his calculating Sun conjunct Mercury, he had them in the palm of his hand.


Mussolini Venus Jupiter Conjunction


4. More Money, Honey?

The Venus conjunct Jupiter is a fantastic aspect for financial success, provided that the Venus is well aspected otherwise. If there is a square to Chiron, the financial hurt may get magnified if Chiron causes an issue. At the very least, the conjunction will help you to naturally identify the money-making potential because the two benefics are in line. When it comes to financial astrology, you’d want to analyze the rest of your Jupiter aspects, Part of Fortune and Venus, and your MC, in detail, among other things, to get a better understanding of your money-making success potential.

Scarlett Johansson, a Hollywood actress known for Lost in Translation (2003) and The Avengers (2012) among other featured movies, has a 3-degree orb Venus Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn in her 2nd house of earned income. Making a trine to her career point MC in Virgo, this is nearly a textbook classic example of a money-making yet hard-working machine case! Scarlett Johansson’s net worth is estimated at $140 Million, and she earned the No. 1 spot on 2018 Forbes’ Highest Paid Actresses list, with $40.5 million in earnings!

Venus Jupiter Conjunction Scarlett Johansson


Liz Greene, one of the best-known astrologers, has a lovely 2-degree orb Venus Jupiter conjunction in Libra in the Aquarian 11th house. Her Jupiter also makes another Aquarian AKA great-for-astrology aspect, Jupiter trine Uranus (4° orb). Her Venus, being at 27 degrees, gives her friendly and aesthetically pleasant Libra a Gemini overlay, which helps to explain her affinity with communicating all things astrology-related, including via writing numerous books. [I use the famous Serbian astrologer Nikola Stojanovic’s degree theory, which I find to be highly accurate.]


Venus Jupiter Conjunction Liz Greene


5. The Feel-Good Aspect!

The Venus Jupiter conjunction in a natal chart is one of the feel-good aspects to have. As long as you keep yourself (more or less) grounded and humble, this should be on your list of go-to aspects to work with whenever you’re feeling down.


6. Venus Jupiter Conjunction in Astrology of Artists.

I love this aspect for the expansion of art! Venus is art, and Jupiter will expand it!

Gianni Versace, the famous Italian fashion designer, has his Venus Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in the 12th house. The imagination and artistry that are some of the higher vibration 12th house gifts do not get nearly enough attention vs the typical spirituality and bedroom pleasures associated with this house among other manifestations. But if you look at some of the most unique artists throughout history, there an above average incidence of the 12th house activity in them. It’s like creativity gets downloaded into them from above. Art becomes part of spirituality.


Venus Jupiter Conjunction Gianni Versace


7. Venus Jupiter Conjunction in Astrology by Transit.

I know we all typically get excited for this transit because of the expectation of something nice and romantic happening in our love lives, but before you get your wedding invitations ready, take note of the following. Transiting Venus conjunct Jupiter in your natal chart does not have the same effect as transiting Jupiter conjunct Venus. It is very brief and lasts only 1 to 2 days since Venus moves much quicker than Jupiter.

What it does is brings you an opportunity for generosity, social enjoyment, giving, optimism, and general kindness towards others.  This is a lovely influence under which to begin a new romantic or financial relationship or an artistic project. You could feel a degree of optimism surrounding romance or romantic feelings towards someone of a different background or who is not usually your “type”. If you need to make amends with someone, now is a great time to do so.  Social opportunities could yield positive results.


8. Venus Jupiter Conjunction Transit Can Bring a Separation.

Are you surprised? You see, we get riskier and braver when under the influence of Jupiter because of the increased optimism that it brings, which sometimes can make it easy to enthusiastically end something that we might otherwise stick to. Yes, a Jupiter conjunct Venus transit can bring a divorce, although it is rarer than bringing a positive effect.


9. The Venus Jupiter Conjunction Basics.


10. When Uranus, Neptune or Pluto activate the Venus Jupiter Conjunction in Astrology.

What happens when the outer planets activate your Venus Jupiter conjunction? Well, of course, a lot will depend on what the aspect between them is. With soft trines and sextiles, your love nature, artistry and the stimulation to experience life through cultural and social activities, will be nicely enhanced to provide you with more uniqueness and excitement (Uranus), romanticism and empathy (Neptune), and magnetism and depth of relating (Pluto). But when a challenging square or opposition show up in a natal chart, their challenging effects will be magnified by Jupiter.

With a Pluto opposition there, you may be attracting more intense and jealous partners, and you yourself may go through life learning to deal with your own intensity that may seem like too much for others.

All in all, the conjunction’s effect will vary greatly depending on the sign and House Venus and Jupiter are in, so start by learning what each of those represent in your chart, before deciphering the conjunction.

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