Venus Conjunct North Node Synastry Experience

Before I give you real-life examples, let’s go over why your Venus conjunct North Node synastry experience will come with a bag of mixed emotions:

  1. The craving that sticks.

    This is considered to be one of the binding synastry aspects because of the sheer nature of the North Node being the dragon’s head that is always hungry for whatever it comes in contact with. In this case, Venus conjunct North Node will make both people be drawn to each other with the North Node person feeling that the Venus person has something that they feel they need to experience or accomplish in this life. The Venus person in this scenario might be willing (provided other synastry aspects do not cause adverse reactions) to go the extra mile to supply the North Node person with their Venusian offering. This could be anything that Venus rules, such as love, beauty, art, and money.

  2. Stay or Run for the Hills?

    While there is most often a nearly instant degree of attraction and a pull that is present between these two people, it is less often a connection that leads to comfortable longevity (all other things equal) because most North Node housers tend to be fearful of the North Node things, especially in the 1st half of their life. Simply put, how many people do you know that are fearless about getting out of their own comfort zone, whatever that zone is (be it being surrounded by childhood friends for life, or being an artistic free spirit that doesn’t want to be tied down, and everything in between)? Not many, I bet!

  3. What Else Is the North Node Doing?

    As with everything else in synastry, we have to analyze other related aspects before pegging your Venus conjunct North Node synastry experience as something that can or cannot work out. Yes, this aspect is addictive, but if you have Venus square Venus in synastry, there will be a stronger reluctance for the North Node partner to view the Venus partner as a safe haven because naturally, the Venusian qualities in both partners are in disaccord.

With an opposition between Venuses, there is a Venus conjunct South Node aspect in the North Node partner’s natal chart making him way too comfortable with his South Node type of loving so moving Venusian things over to the North Node will be that much harder by default, which will, in turn, spill over the synastry with the Venus that tries to pull him in her new direction. If there is a Venus trine Venus or Venus sextile Venus synastry aspect, however, this will help the North Node partner to feel more at ease even though overall there may still be a degree of fear and reluctance present.

Venus Conjunct North Node Synastry Experience I: Romantic

My one astrology client who is in her late 30’s has a Venus conjunct North Node synastry experience with her teenage crush, with her being the Venus. The story goes like this: 20 years ago, she was Pluto-nically obsessed with him from afar until he “caved in” and gave her a chance only to see her leave shortly after. His secretive Scorpio Sun’s ego got hurt and his weak debilitated Mars in Cancer never found “the balls” (simply put) to pursue her in a direct manner and so a 20 (!!!) year-old observation from afar began on his part.

He married someone else but the two kept in touch here and there. Numerous attempts to delete my client from his social media over the years following his jealous wife’s requests failed – he kept re-following her shortly after. At one point when his marriage was on the rocks, he made an unexpected half-attempt at suggesting to spend the night together with my client but she ran away once again. She was already married with kids by then. To this day, he watches her Instagram stories regularly.

His North Node’s hunger for her Venus kept increasing with time (that’s the nature of North Node – it’s insatiable!). Very often, it is the North Node that initially runs though. Because while the pull and curiosity are strong, the fear of the unknown and unfamiliar often wins, especially if the person hasn’t reached maturity with respect to accepting the need to move more towards all things North Node in their life. Over time, North Node realizes, however, that no matter how much he runs, he cannot fully get away. This is a common scenario with a typical Venus conjunct North Node synastry experience. The push and pull are expected, too.

Do I believe that she stopped “giving a damn” about him even during her own marriage (that fell apart eventually)? Not really. She is Plutonic herself although with a sweet Pisces Moon that turns into a “trainwreck” (not my term haha; it’s what a Pisces Moon is jokingly called) on a weekly when overwhelmed by romantic hurt and worry caused by her own Scorpio Venus. After all, the validation received from 20-year long attention must be very flattering and… a bit addictive. In fact, we still talk about this with her.

Venus Conjunct North Node Synastry Experience II: Romantic+Creative

I had a Vertex conjunct Vertex “I feel like this person has entered my life for a reason” type of scenario that I ended recently (let’s see for how long haha) with a former triple Gemini musician friend/crush (Sun/Mercury/Ascendant – yeah, lots of nervous energy for my Gemini Moon in 12th house to handle lol). We have a very karmic synastry with his Saturn squaring my North Node and Moon to start off with among numerous other karmic placements. The unmistakable physical attraction via Venus- Ascendant, Mars- Ascendant, Venus-Mars, Moon-Mars contacts to name a few plus Sun conjunct Lilith, Venus sextile Pluto and Moon trine Pluto double whammy etc.

My Leo Venus conjuncts his North Node in Leo in 3rd house. He was born to shine on stage (incredibly talented and darn cute) but the ability to express himself verbally in a warm personal way in a romantic setting is a concern. His South Node in Aquarius conjuncts my Aquarius MC – we clicked very quickly on a musical level after his Ex-girlfriend left him for another dude she later married (his Scorpio Moon mixed with Aqua North Node is a pain in the butt to deal with in romance due to difficulty expressing feelings), and so we collaborated on a project that seemed* like a Neptunian dream come true (so we shared the public stage a-la-MC style). Our 12th house interlays (we are both 12 housers natally and Neptune in synastry of artists is expected… we got Venus, Moon, and Mars contacts with Neptune. Sigh).

Long story short, his combative natal 0 degrees Sun square Mars that treats every comment as an attack, and our challenged synastry started taking a toll on my emotional well-being. I felt deeply hurt because I cared so much, and anxiety-filled sleepless nights turned into unnecessary psychological torture. I exited.

I didn’t know that we had his North Node on my Venus until he gave me his birth info over 3 years since we initially met (but never dated; just kept in touch while he was with his Ex – all his initiative; not mine – I prefer not to rock the boat if someone is in a relationship so I usually step aside out of respect). He had Venus conjunct South Node with his ex (comfortable love that fades over time once one partner grows out of the relationship, which happened in their case) so my warm and steadily passionate Leo Venus must have made him somewhat fearful. He is not used to this kind of relating. He was nervous around me.

My Venus here can be looked at as one of the key things that can stimulate his soul’s growth in this life just by me providing him with the things of Venus like love, beauty, artistry and such. I sure hope it’s not money cause he ain’t got much right now, honey (I hope once he steps into his North Node more, he will reverse his financial luck) LOL.

This is essentially what Venus conjunct North Node synastry experience is about – the Venus’ way of “presenting” and wanting love and other Venusian things, when given to the North Node holder, automatically brings the North Node partner closer to fulfilling his soul’s mission.

We have Saturn, Pluto and North Node synastry glue but with Uranus double-whammies, on-and-off scenarios were expected. It’s not an easy sell despite some amazing potentially life-long aspects between us but right now, he isn’t emotionally mature enough to make this work.

The interesting thing about a typical Venus conjunct North Node synastry experience is that when the 2 people do commit, they find that the Venusian things bring a gift of growth in the interaction, so love grows and not reduces as would be in the South Node conjunction.

I look back 4 years ago when we could barely even look at each other straight (that Uranus must have made us both electrified to the point of intimidation, almost) and I sort of wrote him off rather quickly (well, duhhh… I found out he was dating someone and was also a smoker and was rather passive!). Over time, I started noticing natural clicking energetic overlays between us, and the “talking” with our eyes and a natural musical chemistry started taking place. To my shock, he had already stopped smoking cold turkey. Surprising? But is it really considering the Venus conjunct North Node synastry contact? It’s a benefic one but can take a long time to play out if at all.

What do I imagine he felt with this Venus conjunct North Node synastry experience? His Scorpio Moon felt a fear of loss so he started sabotaging the whole thing as expected from someone who is insecure about their North Node. You see, we started hanging out and getting closer right when his North Node return hit him, which is highly symbolic because I am directly part of his North Node in more than just synastry type of way but even via the important transit itself.

Do I feel that his North Node’s hunger will grow for my Venus over time? It’s a strong possibility. Things ended in a strange way between us (Neptune dissolved while Uranus made it abrupt); there is still a lingering feeling of unfinished business here. It could go on for a while even if we’re not speaking. We have psychic links in synastry, so I feel his moods on a regular. Something tells me he feels mine, too. But he’ll never admit it because he’s got his asteroid Lie activated in our synastry – it’s expected of him to not be fully honest with his emotions until the lies get reduced via our South Node conjunct Lie synastry aspect.


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