Stock Market Crash 2018: Astrology – Based Prediction

With all the mass panic due to the {inevitable} stock market crash 2018 that occurred in early February (in both conventional stock & cryptocurrency markets), I hope my following (short by my standards) analysis using my “weapon of choice, AKA astrology” (in addition to market chart analysis etc), will help you understand what’s up. Did astrology predict this crash? Read on to find out!

When the planet Saturn was still in Sagittarius up until late December 2017, a sign where Saturn does NOT do well in due to Sagittarius’ expansive, philosophical/dogmatic and optimistic nature that contradicts Saturn’s entire essence of accountability, restriction, realism, hard work and no-nonsense attitude toward life and business, we had a few years of being in a cultural psychosis and learning how to NOT get too caught up in a (nearly) euphoric state… Aha… think 20-year-old kids turning millionaires just because they bought some Bitcoin or altcoin yet have 0 knowledge about how to put that $ to good use instead of wasting it all on toys like lambos and private jet flights…

On the day of Saturn’s shift to Capricorn on December 21, 2017, things changed and set the “tone” for the inevitable stock market crash 2018. We are now getting a hardcore reality lesson… or quite a few, to be exact… Everything from tightening of government regulations to issues with the federal reserve (but this post isn’t about that haha)…

Early in February, I wrote on my personal Facebook page that on February 11, 2018, there would be a Sun -Jupiter square transit that is connected to the market astrophysics, and, more specifically, the stock market crash 2018. This transit usually brings market depression or reversal of direction in the period starting anywhere between 10 days BEFORE this aspect and a day or so AFTER the aspect. In fact, the October 2008 and 1962 crashes occurred exactly when Sun squared Jupiter.

So… let’s go over what actually happened around that February 11, 2018 and whether Sun square Jupiter did, in fact, predict the stock market crash 2018:

1. The biggest drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average happened on February 8, 2018 (see featured image above) and Bitcoin’s dramatic dip to just over $6,000USD happened on February 6, 2018. Both stock types are in line with the predicted aspect’s date frame of being within 10 days. There was also a small extra dip right on February 11. The Sun square Jupiter aspect did, evidently, produce the stock market crash 2018, within 5 to 3 days earlier.

Stock Market Crash 2018 Bitcoin Astrology

2. Was there a possibility that the correction would see a reversal of direction on (or +/-1 day from February 11) to the bullish side? –> there was already some* indications of an attempted bottom but it was not safe. Since February 12, we have been seeing a general uptrend but we are not out of the woods yet.

*Note that Saturdays/Sundays there is a tendency for cryptocurrencies to drop a little (normal weekend adjustments), while the regular markets are closed so it was Monday the 12th that saw that second dip in the regular stock market before the reversal.

3. How long is this correction and when will it be a good time to resume trading safely? There will be a POSITIVE transit coming on *March 14th*, so there is a strong possibility that things will start to pick up speed by then. Once again, the rule of 10 days applies here so start watching closely from early March on. At the time of [editing] this article (February 23, 2018), we are going through a slow uptrend recovery, so I will be keeping an eye on the stocks starting a few days from now, by end of February.

Note, however, that with Saturn being in Capricorn for 3 years, corrections will happen again if we attempt another euphoric jump “to the moon” (where are all my “Bitcoin will go to $100K in 2018 peeps? It’d be quite nice but I’d be very careful if that actually happened…. ) We don’t want another stock market crash 2018 now, do we?

With Saturn now being in Capricorn, over the next 3 years, there will be an increased movement towards reforming economic- government systems to achieve more justice and accountability to the will of the people. Transparency and accountability are an essential pre-condition for a just, viable, and sustainable economic system to exist.

I foresee that we will experience some major developments between December 20, 2019, and February 5, 2020 (yes, 2 years from now) that will (in addition to what is happening now), help to shape what is to come upon the end of the Saturn in Capricorn reign.

Since Saturn will be entering Aquarius later in 2020, I predict that the shift towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will be inevitable, in whatever form it will be by then… After all, Aquarius is the reformer of the zodiac and once Saturn in Capricorn tears up the poorly operating structures, removing illegal operations, scammy cryptocurrencies, ICOs and even IPOs (in traditional markets), it will want to adopt a new world order. We will not see the ultimate results of that until well into mid-2020’s (so mark my words Stock Market Crash 2018: Astrology - Based Prediction) because we will also be dealing with some environmental issues (but I won’t discuss that now), but for now, sit tight and don’t even think about fooling the system anymore. Trust me, Saturn in Capricorn won’t allow you to…

Other than that, just remember that this is a GOOD necessary correction that is happening. “To the moon!!!” euphoria MUST come down and eliminate those who don’t belong in this market. Don’t panic, and start educating yourself on market trends and chart analysis instead of buying and/selling on the whim…. if you want to succeed in this market. We all got affected, but it’s those with the knowledge of understanding that corrections after a mass bull run are necessary, that can sleep better at night Stock Market Crash 2018: Astrology - Based Prediction.

Let’s hope this stock market crash of 2018 will recover very soon! Wishing you a year filled with smart investing.

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