Spirituality vs Religion vs Astrology vs Science

Ahhh… Spirituality vs religion vs astrology vs science. The never-ending debate. The average human brain feels more comfortable with “belonging” to one particular group or school of thought over another while feeling the need to downgrade the rest…

Well, let’s take a look at these four concepts, shall we? I’m going to explore them via a series of common questions. I will not provide the definitions of each separately; after all, you can Google that…


Can You Be an Astrologer and a Scientist at the Same Time?

Of course! Astrology is a tool that can, in fact, even point to certain predispositions in you of being successful in scientific fields if that’s what you’re into! People misunderstand astrology in that they think you have to choose either getting in the flow with planetary energies or relying solely on scientifically confirmed concepts, while in reality, astrology supports scientific development. If anything, it simply wants “science” to get on with the program faster and more effectively because scientific methods are way behind at explaining certain “phenomena” that the more spiritually or astrologically attuned people are familiar with. Astrology is non-judgemental, and science is already “discovering” metaphysical facts that astrology has “known” about for centuries.


Can You Be Spiritual Without Astrology?

Spirituality can mean different things to different people; it is a rather personal thing. However, I believe that spiritual growth can be severely delayed in a person who doesn’t study themselves in-depth. You can be doing all the other “spiritual” activities and learn how to control your temper and your reactions to your environment, and do yoga and meditation and blah blah blah, but if you are still fighting your inner demons because you don’t understand just WHY one day you feel the way you feel or why you just can’t seem to shake off certain insecurities in yourself, or why you’re “unlucky” in love or why no matter how hard you work, you just can’t seem to get as far as your buddies, then all that spiritual self-development is missing a key component that ties everything together – your self-knowledge and understanding of your life map.

And to date, I have not come across any other “system” that can be as comprehensive and accurate at self-discovery as astropsychology. None of the best-known behavior classification methods or personality type tests can explain your tendencies, struggles, fortunes, and compatibilities with other people in as much detail as astrology. In fact, I have observed many people call themselves “spiritual” while completely brushing off their own negative traits that may be even harming not only themselves but others.

Even those who can heal with their psychic gifts most often don’t know themselves in-depth. So to me, astrology and spirituality must coexist in unison for a “full effect”. But all of us (spiritually curious ones) will go through life and put these pieces of the “puzzle” together when the time is right for us.


How Do You Know If Spirituality Vs Religion Vs Astrology Vs Science Is Right For You?

Any organization that forces you to dismiss the importance and achievements of science, is a red flag IMO. Be it religion or spirituality or else. Just because I’m spiritual, an astrologer and a natural healing and anti-chemical drugs advocate doesn’t mean I don’t benefit from traditional scientific and new medical discoveries and research.

Sure I believe some scientific “progress” has actually proved to be harmful to humans (the pharma industry that focuses on treating the symptoms and not the root causes of illnesses, to make it obvious). So if anything, it is science that needs to “catch up” with finding “scientific” explanations for certain phenomena or human abilities that have often been deemed as paranormal yet are appearing in more and more people via the awakening…

Just because your third eye opens (as is the case with me) and your spirituality gets enhanced via what you experience thanks to that third eye still doesn’t make science useless. We still need it for many daily operations.

The key is to not get your spirituality vs religion vs astrology vs science analysis keep you not open to a spiritual exploration and acknowledgment of the possibility that not everything can and should be explained via science. Once you open yourself to that, you’re already one step closer to experiencing the signs of a spiritual awakening.

Does Being Spiritual Automatically Imply Being Anti-Religious?

Here is the thing: if you don’t tolerate or accept people who are religious, then you’re not all that spiritual, either. You can’t be spiritual if you can’t be accepting of someone who is not like you, unless that someone is cruel, violent, manipulative or harmful to others.

Spirituality is about living your own truth and setting your own boundaries of what you find acceptable or not while doing all this for the greater good of the humanity as a whole. You don’t have to be friends with religious people, but unless you at least take a bit of time to research why they connect with their chosen religion (or are forced into it), it is a bit cynical to be judgemental towards something you know nothing about. That would simply be ignorant.

The big question here is: what makes you feel more liberated, spirituality vs religion?

The goal of spirituality is to elevate one’s mind from a dependent one to an empowered one. When you are transformed from one who lives in fear of tomorrow and fear of self to one who seeks self-mastery and self-reliance while taking part in the beauty and love of this world, you liberate yourself. In spirituality vs religion, the power is found within and from acquiring knowledge, and it doesn’t come from just some old man with a beard reading a prayer at a church.

But being spiritual doesn’t mean questioning every little thing that surrounds you just for the sake of questioning. It means being inquisitive with a goal of developing your own belief system and your own view of the world and people.


How to Discover Whether Your Belief System Leans More Towards Spirituality vs Religion?


1. Do you recognize, worship any one God, whether an invisible one or in a form of a picture, statue, a stone or an icon, or one type of a deity or a group leader? This includes popular yoga gods such as Ganesh or Rama and so-called gurus or masters. Then you are religious or religiously spiritual at the very least.  Western yoga groups that worship the Hindu Gods belong to Hinduism and are religious. Billions of people belong to hundreds of religions, from Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism,  Bahaism, Judaism and Zoroastrianism to smaller sects and sub-sects such as Krishna, Shiva or Sufis, among others, just to name a few. 


2. Do you believe in the power of your own self and that you are in charge of your own destiny? In this case, according to typical “pro-spirituality” websites, you are spiritual. But to me, that question seems quite in line with Scientology, for instance, that seeks to help you empower your own self and be in charge of your life and career. Yet Scientology is considered to be a religion (or even a sect for the more ignorant ones who don’t even take the time to read any one of Ron L. Hubbard’s books!) for tax & business purposes. Why is it believed that an organization cannot collectively encourage a person to believe in themselves yet help them find that inner power within themselves via in-depth self-discovery and healing of old wounds?

But what if the power of your own self happens to coincide with some of the concepts taught by certain religions? This is where the spirituality vs religion lines get blurry. After all, note that many of the negative things typically attributed to religions are actually some features of some religions, such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, but not of others, such as Buddhism or Taoism. This is not to defend religion in any way or criticize or discredit spirituality vs religion but rather make you question what you read about both concepts that seem to pull you towards choosing one or the other. And yes, this is my Moon in Gemini playing the devil’s advocate ;). 

For now, I’ll leave you with this last thought on spirituality vs religion:

 Spirituality vs religion is born in a person and grows inside over time naturally and without being enforced upon or without any particular rules to follow. It may be kick started by an unusual psychic experience, a revelation, or even some religion. Spirituality is liberty and awareness of self and the world around you, that you seek and feel a pull towards like the food that both nourishes and is pleasant to the senses, as it extends to all facets of a person’s life. 

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