Signs of Spiritual Awakening – My Experience

If you Google “signs of spiritual awakening”, you will find a bunch of “spiritual” gurus and coaches with questionable reliability listing their top 10. And you will surely come across some good information so there is no harm in checking those out. But the truth is that when it comes to the timing and signs of spiritual awakening, they will differ for everyone. There will definitely be overlaps but essentially we are all unique and so are our spiritual journeys.

Your astrological predisposition and life map (ie birth chart) will provide clues as to what may be blocking you from that awakening you’re so curious about, about your potential psychic or intuitive gifts and what might be the plausible time period in your life with respect to planetary energies, to support your transition to the wonderful world of higher consciousness.

Yes, it is no coincidence that, although I’ve been in this state for a while with my first signs of spiritual awakening presenting themselves around age 10 and expanding ever since, it wasn’t until I’ve entered my Pluto in the 8th house transit that I’ve crossed over the line and consciously concluded that it was time to actually start doing something with my “gifts” that would benefit the world and not just me. I put “gifts” in brackets because I’m still getting used to that word with relation to myself. Long story for another time…

Below I will list my signs of spiritual awakening as per my own experience. Please be mindful that yours may differ depending on your life map and your own current level of interest in the higher consciousness, and how much information you absorb on a regular basis on various subjects. I also believe that there is a need for acknowledgment of some “gift” in you that gives you the sensitivity to even feel the pull towards the awakening.


1.Emotional Psychic Sponge-ness. Clairsentience.

If I look way back, I would say that one of the very first signs of spiritual awakening in me was my hypersensitivity to all the people around me, as of a very young age. I was drawn to people even as a baby, and as I was growing up, I could “sense” their personality traits that either resonated with me or didn’t feel right. Even though I was friendly to everyone (well, except that one little boy whose cheek I supposedly bit in the kindergarten at the age of 3 haha), I could sense their inner conflicts. It was more than “just intuition”. Later, when I began using astro psychology on a more serious level, I realized that it was the squares and oppositions (most often considered as challenging planetary aspects that cause inner conflicts in people) that I felt in them.

For example, I was about 11 or 12 when I first realized that my mother had some emotionally distant, materialistic and manipulative qualities in her nature (in contrast to her good qualities, of course, just to be fair), something that only grew stronger in her over the years and later was confirmed to be her several hard Pluto and Saturn aspects and emotionally blocked Capricorn moon…

To this day, I feel people very deeply psychologically, very quickly, and can often stay “tuned into” them at a distance and get a sense of what “stage of life” they are going through just by glancing at some of their astrological transits. I instinctively feel what people need and want, and enjoy exploring their psyche. I absorb and give off a lot of energy. When I’m feeling good, people will normally say that they feel uplifted when around me. That’s me giving off my energy. The truth is, sometimes I get extremely drained from all that and need days of isolation to recharge.

2. Claircognizance.

I just know things. Although I call myself an intellectual snob (and that can be annoying for less “nerdy” people, I acknowledge that!), it’s the claircognizance I was born with that is the “cause” here. I absorb information extremely fast, and it is sometimes hard for me to even listen to people finish their sentences because I know what they will say if I’m tuned in on the subject. There are times when people are fearful or panicking about something, and I’ll be as chill as a cucumber because I know that things will work out and can often predict just how. I often get lightening-fast ideas that come out of nowhere yet they feel like I’ve always known them.

I also know deep inside and in my entire core that my truth filled with love for the humanity and a virtue of self-mastery would offer a more effective long-term solution to people’s psychological problems and a new world order, than the other spiritual teachings that don’t take planetary influences and sentient abilities into consideration.

For those of you who take interest in past life analysis, my chart shows a Saggitarian influence of higher knowledge brought in from my past life (Sagittarius South Node)… Past life analysis is a relatively recent addition to my journey.


3. A Sense of a Bigger Purpose & Life Philosophy Adjustment.

I don’t remember myself dreaming about the typical “girly” things like a perfect wedding with a white gown. I dreamed of performing on the big stage (music is my first life-long passion) and of a grander, more fulfilling life full of love (yes, love has a very important and warm place in my heart even though I’m often single by choice), and fearless pursuit of explorations.

I knew from a young age that I was born to do big things, even though my father who I greatly admired for his incredible musical talent, was emotionally absent and criticized me instead of supporting. It put a block on me and made me insecure in my creative self-expression for many years.

However, the innate sense of a higher purpose never left me for a minute to this day. I’ve read that one of the signs of spiritual awakening is taking more interest in the workings of the universe and the environment and people’s psyche in general. Since for me it’s been a constant part of my growth since teenagehood (I work on self-discovery/mastery daily), personally, I did not notice much radical philosophical change in me in the last couple of years other than taking more interest in death-related subjects (past life analysis and causes of death etc) and consuming more information related to developing psychic abilities. But nevertheless, I learn every day and my life philosophies expand.


4. Dreams and Synchronicities.

I usually have amazing colorful dreams that could easily be turned into movies. Sometimes I wake up with a brand new idea for a song that comes to me in my dream just like that.

However, the first time I was seriously shaken up by my dream was over 10 years ago when I dreamed of a friend’s mom’s passing. I will never forget it because I normally have super cool happy dreams. A few days later our mutual friend called to say that her dad had terminal cancer and would die within a month or two. Those “premonition” types of dreams don’t seem to come with exact details (ie dreamed of a mom but it was the dad who had passed), but they had since evolved to various forms of sudden anxiety or just a claircognizant sense of knowing that someone is or will be in bad trouble.

Over the past year, I had 4 such “death premonition related” experiences. On the day my uncle went into a coma (and passed away 2 weeks later) I was unexplainably drawn to taking a walk at a cemetery, which is not something I ever do… my mom thought I was crazy but something inside me insisted on going…   The morning I found out that my keyboard player passed away, I woke up with an intense sharp pain in my chest and scary feeling of worry that (oddly enough) went away the moment I discovered the tragic news via Facebook so I knew it was related to him. Another acquaintance I somehow got psychically tuned into on a deep level, lost his dad to a horrific car accident about 2 weeks after I had warned him to be extra careful on roads and with driving. The day after my most recent episode with chest pain in 2018, I found out that one of my best friends’ dad passed away…

I am still afraid of these episodes because… well, just because I always lived with so much light energy within me that this (what seems like) darkness feels like a dampening cloud in me… But I understand that it’s all a part of the process and these are signs of spiritual awakening that I must go through. I have a subconscious fear of losing my loved ones so to shed myself from that sense of fear, I must overcome that fear in order to grow.


5. Astrology.

You know, I never thought of astrology as anything mystical, paranormal, pseudo-sciencey but it is one of the signs of spiritual awakening. While I question everything and everyone around me, music and astrology are two things I never had to. Astrology always was and still is very real for me, and no one, and I mean no one, has ever encouraged me to study it or take interest in it. Neither of my friends was ever into it, either. I do not remember how I got into it in my teen years. All I know is that I knew I had to because it felt right (part of my claircognizance).

These days your research will show many overlaps in higher consciousness and astrology, so it’s interesting how my mind got drawn to it from a young age all on its own without any outside influences. I kept it to myself for years while I was observing people (more like their lack of self-knowledge) and testing my sensory abilities. I always said astrology was my religion. Now I am coming out of that “closet” as more and more people are simply asking me to do astrology more openly. I feel connected to the universe and although I’ve had many instances of trying to “fight it” with my stubborn free will, I come to the conclusion that being in sync with it yields way better results and less stress.


6. Sensitivity to Toxins, Processed Foods, Alcohol, Drugs etc.

Now this one of the more “stubborn” signs of spiritual awakening that many people struggle with and it delays their ascension. You naturally become turned off by system depressants/stimulants. And there are still so many so-called “spiritual” people who just cannot unlearn their craving for low vibrational indulgences that are known to block consciousness. But in high-school I was already so against pot that I wanted to start a “mothers against marijuana” movement… even though I was nowhere near to be a mother at that time haha.

Nowadays I still don’t favor pot for recreational use but I think it’s a much safer alternative than alcohol and has a lot of health benefits when used for a short period of time for medical reasons. I’ve tried it a couple of times and found the tea to be highly relaxing for my sore muscles. Anyways, I had a couple of unfortunate experiences with alcohol, too. And my body just doesn’t feel the need for it because I am naturally “high on life”. I will drink a bit when on vacation (Bloody Mary, please!) but its dehydrating effects are bad for my throat when singing. In 2010 I had a severe illness, after which I just naturally turned away from toxic foods, too.

It is generally recommended for psychically tuned in people to avoid gatherings with large amounts of alcohol because drunk people’s energy has a depressing effect on the psychic sponges (like me).


7. Changing Appetite, Body Temperature, Fatigue, Muscle Aches, Headaches etc.

I’ve been experiencing these as signs of spiritual awakening for about a year. Lately, I rarely eat meat (mostly poultry or fish or seafood), and my appetite has been all over the place. My blood test suddenly showed anemia a few weeks ago (went from normal to anemic in 1 year). While I always had a really healthy appetite (ever been to a buffet with me? This girl sure can eat despite her size 0), I now find myself going through periods of either extreme hunger (usually after being around people and soaking in their energy and/or giving off my own) or not being hungry at all. This has literally been the case strictly over the last year or so.

The fatigue can be attributed to the sudden anemia so it’s a tricky one in my case. But I definitely feel the psychic, mental and physical exhaustion after absorbing some more challenging/conflicting energies in people (I get affected by people with Mars square Neptune, or Sun square Pluto tight aspects quite noticeably)…

I had a whiplash from a car accident 1,5 years ago that left me with a lot of neck, back, and arm pain but under normal circumstances, the pain should have been gone by now with the treatments etc because it wasn’t a very serious crash and my body is naturally in good shape… Personally, I believe this time it got mixed with the signs of spiritual awakening hence my delayed “recovery”. Last year I noticed that I was very cold all the time and had to wear extra layers to get through the day. Since I’ve been seeing auras, my body temperature suddenly raised and I notice heat literally coming through my eyes (!) when I do auric exercises. The exhaustion is far beyond any other I’ve ever experienced before so I do attribute it to a mix of anemia and the signs of spiritual awakening.


8. Increased Self-Awareness.

This is one of the most important signs of spiritual awakening. While you will be finding yourself being more critical of other people’s views and opinions and the world in general, you cannot “get spiritual” if you’re not doing the work on yourself. Self-mastery is the ultimate goal of spirituality, but it means going through the pain of breaking yourself down to the very raw core and working through your past traumas, blockages, low vibrations and such.

Loving yourself must not be done blindly but via a conscious rebirth of self. I never have and never will believe anyone who claims they “know” themselves well (which, in fact, is the case with 90% of people I meet) unless they study astrology (yes, I’m an astro snob, so hate me!). After all, when I can tell you more accurate facts about your psyche after 10 minutes of knowing you than you can tell me about yourself, we’re clearly not on the same level of self knowledge, my friend!

Personally, I’ve been under the “spell” of my psychic moon in the 12th house up until relatively recently where I had some emotional blockages (despite me being very verbally expressive) stemming from my mom being emotionally absent my entire life (the common theme with moon in the 12th house people) and me turning to my psychic sensitivity and spirituality for protection. So I had to not only grow up instilling healthy emotional perceptions in myself on my own but also cultivate the confidence to admit to my blockage and figure out an effective way to deal with it. For most moon in the 12th house people, the motto “serve or suffer” applies, meaning that healing others becomes their own rescue. One of my biggest passions in astrology is parent-child relationships, so helping families connect on a deeper level is one of my ultimate goals with it that is a highly healing experience for me, too.


9. Not Conforming to the Social Standards/Expectations. Marching to the Beat of My Own Drum. 

I knew deep inside of myself that I wasn’t “ready” or didn’t want the typical life… Astrologically speaking, it was meant for me to be a little “delayed” in having kids, too. I felt I had an urge to explore life and achieve self-mastery before bringing another human being into this world. I see people having kids for all the wrong reasons around me, and them having an identity crisis over what they want from life etc.. I believe a person should discover themselves on a deep level and resolve their own inner issues as to avoid projecting them onto their child. I adore kids. I really do. And when the time comes, I will enjoy being a conscious mother.

But I don’t have a problem with the fact that in my early 30’s I still don’t have kids or a husband. I’m meant for the right man who would not want to change me because after dedicating most of my life to self-mastery, let’s just say I’d like to do what I believe is right for me, not another person’s opinion of what they think is right for me… 😉 Gosh, people are so self-unaware that they always find something that they want to change in another… instead of going within, fixing themselves and then finding the right partner who would be a more natural fit.

My life philosophies are idealistic and different even from most spiritual “leaders” or “gurus” (in fact, most of them resemble just a copywritten version of each other). I don’t buy into most of their teachings because my sense of truth doesn’t allow to box people into a narrow-minded way of thinking that some spiritual dogma presents. I believe in working with individual energies that cannot be assigned to all people. The lack of uniqueness in their thinking is a red flag for me. Anyways, as someone I know said about me: “Darling, there is nothing normal about you!”, I must say being different is …. flattering ;).


10. Electronic Disturbances.

This will be either one of the more fun/funny or annoying signs of spiritual awakening. I’ve had computer problems for years even with newer ones, but for over 2 years now the problems became unmistakable. Even after repairs and part replacements etc, I still find myself affecting them when I’m under stress. And I’ll admit that I’ve had an emotionally draining year and so my computers kept breaking.

I initially jokingly blamed it on the Mercury retrograde (when in doubt, just blame everything on it, as I say haha), but then it became evident that it was beyond that. I am still in the transition stage right now so I don’t know how things will play out, but one thing is for sure: my online business is taking a bit of a hit with me going through these last stages of awakening until I learn how to control that energy more effectively! By the way, did you know that there are awakened people who can flicker lights on demand?


11. Discovering and Acknowledging New Psychic Abilities.

Well, I guess the moment you consciously discover a new psychic “gift” in you and you welcome it with positivity vs fear, it is definitely one of the most obvious signs of spiritual awakening. The day I had entered a Pluto in the 8th house transit, I started seeing my own aura. Now, you can follow my aura self-training journey here in a separate article, but what I will say is that once you’re ready, truly ready for that leap, and you fully open yourself to the possibilities, you might find yourself “picking up” on some new skill rather quickly.

While I believe people with clairsentient or claircognizant gifts are born that way (such as in my case), we are also born with the ability to see auras! But most of us lose that ability as we grow up and get consumed with the materialistic world that doesn’t want us to unlearn what the money and power hungry teach us and manipulate us into believing. By removing all those distractions, we can remind ourselves how to use some of the abilities we are born with, via training exercises. Yes, training.


Remember, many people have psychic abilities that are dormant that can be used for the greater good. And many people have the ability to consciously choose to lead a more spiritually tuned in and awakened life if the desire is genuine. After all, you may call me crazy but you, too, can learn how to see your own aura, and more!


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