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This is a short (yet still time-consuming for me FYI)  one question reading that deals with your one specific area of concern but does not go into much detail as we do in the long astrology reading with a pre-recorded mp3. You will receive a 15-minute audio file.

Some examples of such questions would be: “My boyfriend and I started dating in March 2015 but he broke up with me on January 31, 2018. When would be a plausible time to try to get back together with him?”; “Why do I keep attracting narcissists and abusive relationships?”; “Why is my relationship on-and-off, and will it ever get stable with this partner?” etc.


In order to prepare the answer to your one specific question, I will need the following info that you can either include in the NOTES section at checkout or send me an email to after receiving your purchase confirmation via email. You can simply forward your receipt to that email with the following info:

  • The person’s name, date of birth (day, month, year), time of birth (please try to be as specific as possible, or provide an approximate time of day such as afternoon or morning, or N/A if unknown), and city and country of birth. The more exact the time of birth, the more accurate the reading will be. This is especially important for time prediction-relating questions.
  • Provide a few key points about your area of concern and your specific question. The more specific you are with dates and time frames, the better!


Due to the high volume of requests, please allow up to 2 weeks for your personalized reading to be prepared. Your answer will be sent to you via email in a text format (vs the long version reading that I deliver via an mp3 file).


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