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A personal intuitive astrology reading with Lera of AstroSalt is currently done via recorded mp3 files. Every astrology reading is tailored to suit your needs and can address a specific issue or concern as requested. (Please select from the drop-down menu when purchasing).


  • Romantic, friendship or business relationships
  • Parent-child relationships & child-related matters
  • Home/family related issues
  • Self-discovery
  • Career


In order to prepare your reading, please either include the following info in the NOTES section at checkout or send us an email to after receiving your purchase confirmation via email. You can simply forward your receipt to our email with the following info:

  • The person’s name, date of birth (day, month, year), time of birth (please try to be as specific as possible, or provide an approximate time of day such as afternoon or morning, or N/A if unknown), and city and country of birth. The more exact the time of birth, the more accurate the reading will be.
  • If requesting a relationship reading, then please do the same for the 2nd person.
  • List a few key points of concern and specific questions you may have that you would like to be addressed.


Due to the high volume of requests, please allow 2 weeks for your personalized reading to be prepared. Your reading will be sent in an mp3 format and will include about 45 minutes of information (depending on the topic).


  • Compares your birth chart with your partner’s birth chart, and looks at several compatibility charts to get a fuller picture of your relationship (Composite, Davison, as well as each partner’s chart in relation to the relationship charts)
  • Examines the way you and your partner relate to and communicate with each other
  • Identifies the main points of attraction (emotional, mental, physical)
  • Explores your sexual compatibility, styles, and identifies reasons for any blockages if there are any
  • Evaluates the likelihood of making an attraction into a long-term relationship
  • Identifies which areas of the relationship are the strongest and weakest, and makes suggestions for improvements
  • Suggests how to resolve current issues in the relationship and/or how to live with the ones that remain unresolved
  • Identifies external influences that are affecting your personal, friendship or business relationships, and suggests ways to mitigate them
  • Analyzes family dynamics


  • Understand your child’s personality traits (especially important for “difficult children”)
  • Discover your child’s natural talents and abilities and ways to help him/her reach the greatest potential
  • Identify personal strengths, challenges, and opportunities
  • Develop a plan for how to raise a child more effectively and compassionately by understanding their needs and challenges, and potential points of conflicts and misunderstandings with the parent(s).
  • Pointing your child in the direction of self-discovery and self-realization


  • Discovers your natural talents and strengths, as well as challenges, opportunities, and areas of self-improvement
  • Helps to identify your overall life direction/spiritual path/career
  • Helps to identify areas to focus on to achieve success
  • Identifies blockages in your chart pertaining to your personal relationships, fears, inhibitions etc

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Astrology Reading

Relationship Reading, Child Astrology Reading, Self-Discovery Reading, Family/Home Reading, Career Reading


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