Seeing Auras Around People And Myself – Real Experience Days 1-7

You’re gonna fall off your chair when I tell you that when I stumbled upon the idea of seeing auras around people and myself during my daily spiritual research (I’m adventurous like that even in my spirituality haha) and Googled “how to see auras”, I actually tried nearly the very first suggested exercise and… it worked! Yeppers, while I could use excuses such as me already being in a state of awakening (which is true; I had a ton of symptoms) and possessing a couple of “psychic gifts” (as they call them), the extra sensual “vein” running in the family somehow (my uncle heals people’s electromagnetic fields and my grandma was into tarot card readings),  the fact remains that I consciously decided to “try” seeing auras for fun, and to my own surprise, my experience actually led me to an unprecedented depth of my self-discovery that is surely considered one of the signs of spiritual awakening! Basically, it opened my third eye!

And the kicker is that most of you, too, can start seeing auras and stop spreading false information that it’s not possible or that it’s a rare synesthesia phenomenon found in some healers. I am confident that there are more than 4% of people who can see auras, yet most don’t even think about training their eyesight for it.

Read below for my own very personal experience seeing auras around people and myself, from that very first day!


Day 1. This was a couple of days before the beginning of my (“coincidentally” if you’re still an astrology skeptic) psychic and fundamentally transformative Pluto in the 8th house transit. The suggested aura seeing instructions from the web said to stand in front of a mirror, squint your eyes so you feel as though you’re tired, and focus your eyes on the edge of your body’s outline reflected in the mirror. After a few minutes of that, my eyes got watery, as was expected from the warning in the instructions. But I was quite pleased with the fact that I actually saw a very bright narrow outline around my body for a few seconds after a couple of minutes of “starring” through the blur and was trying to figure out exactly what color it was.

It looked like a very light shade of turquoise but further out I saw a purpleish-magenta shade, closer to the outer corners of my eyes that was covering a much larger area than the thin turquoise outline. The bright (almost neon-like) outline around me was not stable at all because my eyes couldn’t focus on it. It’s super normal for beginners, in fact.

After a few minutes, I noticed discomfort in my head; a slight headache so I stopped. What I realized later was that my aura outline must have been picking up on the turquoise pinstripes on my shirt that I was wearing so I concluded that it could not be an accurate color representation. I then read that the clothing people wear can have a reflective effect on the aura shade so from then on I’ve been either wearing white t-shirts or none at all during my auric exercises.


Day 2. I sat in front of my computer and tried seeing auras of random objects around me, but because there were so many destructions there and brighter than recommended lighting, I didn’t see anything noteworthy until… Until I did another suggested exercise of bringing my 2 index fingers to my nose and creating sort of a triangle shape with them and my thumbs, and then moving the triangle away from my nose to about 15 inches while keeping focus on the area between the 2 index fingers.

That’s when I saw a really bright neon outline that appeared and disappeared for a few seconds, and this time it was neon white with a tiny drop of the very light green. Quite lovely and peaceful if I had to put a feeling to it.

In a nutshell, you’re (re)training your eyesight for 3D vision (also known as the magic eye method; more on this in my article on aura seeing exercises). So you will see the aura through the parallel or cross-viewing effect(s) and will initially see doubles of whatever you’re looking at while your eyes get used to it, with the aura sitting sort of in between.

Now one thing I should mention is that an aura is not the same thing as a halo around objects and especially street lights some people with enlarged pupils see at night (light-dark contrast; I see halos when driving at night so I know). While I realize that some people may have a “dimmer” aura, mine seems to be so bright that I could not even compare it to those fuzzy halos around streetlights that I normally see.


Day 3. I decided to move my seeing auras training to my bed and see if it’s possible to see anything in a very low light (near darkness), just enough to see your hand. Besides, seeing auras is best in a state of relaxation so right before sleeping seemed like a logical choice.

Wow. What a change! At first, I noticed that after about a minute or two of focusing my eyesight on my extended left hand (or, rather the edges), my eyes got very dry and uncomfortable, and I felt the urge to blink a few times (which I did), followed by a few uncontrollable tears.

The aura is tricky to see in that state; you really need to keep the eyesight as steady as possible in order for that 3D vision to do its magic. I realize that seeing auras will eventually be a painless and a totally natural experience, but for now I am going with the flow and simply getting through the dryness and the tears, the daily pressure between my eyebrows and the headaches.

So when my focus finally stabilized that night (it may have taken close to 10 minutes to reach that state; maybe less), what I saw next blew me away! I saw an incredibly bright fluorescent light green aura around my hand/arm that was now growing thicker and expanding outwards. I believe I also saw a bit of purple further away. Then when I looked directly at my hand, I was in an awe over a fascinating cloudy smoky pattern in my aura’s neon green color that was slowly moving around and over my hand.  The energy was alive!

When I finally closed my eyes, that same instant I saw fireworks (streaks, round shapes, and a few flashes) of indigo-purple color. I thought to myself “whoa, this sure feels like a celebration after I saw my aura and energy coming alive!”


Day 4. I woke up and noticed a strange brownish round spot in the middle of my left wrist. I was puzzled because I definitely went to bed with a clean hand. So I put my wrist under cool running water and it looked* as though the spot got washed away. What happened next will stay in my mind forever.

You see, for months since my car accident, my wrists have been weak and in pain; I felt discomfort whenever I rotated them. But now the pain in the left wrist was gone! The craziest thing was that it was that same hand/wrist that I used for my seeing auras and energy movement patterns exercise I did the night before! Could I have possibly “healed” my own wrist?


Night 4. Obviously, for an entire day, I kept checking my left wrist to see if the pain would come back. But it didn’t, so I figured I might as well experiment with my other wrist. Through the eye dryness and the tears, I got in the “trance” zone (as I now call it because my neon green aura reminds me of the rave days, drug-free if you must know, from the early 2000’s).

The difference that I noticed that night was in my body temperature. Shortly after the seeing auras exercise on my right hand, I started feeling very warm, which was strange considering that I had spent a previous year wearing extra layers of clothing and raising the thermostat temperature to 74-75F just to feel comfortable.


Night 5. Aside from the fact that my right wrist now also got magically “healed” from the night before (I’m still in shock, to be honest), this night brought me a new break-through. After the dryness-tears “ritual”, I got in the “zone” but this time in addition to my neon aura I saw an orangey-red light in the outer corner of my right eye (and the right eye only!). Its infrared-like brightness was giving off not only a glow to whatever was in front of it but actual heat. Yes, I had heat coming out of my right eye.

The interesting part was that by that moment my eyes didn’t feel dry or tearful and I didn’t feel the need to blink, either. It truly felt like being in a trance. Earlier that night I was chatting with this new acquaintance, a spiritual coach of sorts, and it was an exciting conversation about the awakening. So I figured the red light might have been a manifestation of my state of excitement. My understanding was that our aura colors can fluctuate depending on the inner state.


Day 6. By now, I started noticing a lot more heat coming from my body in the hours following my nightly seeing auras training all the way into the morning/afternoon. I also noticed a lot more pressure between my eyebrows, something that I had, by the way, also experienced about 2 years ago (perhaps it was that third eye giving me signals but I didn’t follow).

This time the neon light green aura around my hand came with a “side” of that same neon green projecting from that same outer half of my right eye where the infrared light was having a party the night before. And then as I steadied my eyesight, I saw my hand in 3D looking as though it was moving away from me and becoming smaller, yet I know that I didn’t move my arm at all. Finally, I saw energy in a form of dense dark indigo purple clouds overlapping with the light green, to the right of my hand.


Day 7. At last, my first experience observing another person’s aura!

The moment I met my current massage therapist a few weeks prior, I felt his kind character and a psychic predisposition. This time as I was asking him about his “uncanny” experiences with healing and energies in general, I was in a natural state of relaxation looking down at the floor from the hole in the massage table.

While before I had been keeping my eyes just a bit open during the seeing auras training, this time the light green neon light came on without any effort! My eyes were simply relaxed. The light came from my right eye and I was having fun with what now looked like a psychedelic green floor in 3D. Whereas I came into a standard dull room with a greyish carpet, I was now enjoying a warm greenish glow and a much brighter carpet that was coming alive right in front of my eyes with particles slowly moving around my massage therapist’s feet. By the way, he also has a green aura. He truly has wonderful hands of a healer, so I was not surprised that his aura was that color.


Read Part II of my seeing auras experience in the next article.

Gone are the days when seeing auras was only for the “chosen ones”. I am here to spread the message that it’s not as mystical as most people think, and if done with persistence (through the physical discomfort of the 3rd eye-opening and more), auric vision can introduce you to a completely unprecedented experience, inject more color into your life, and see the real world as it is, not how those who are still “asleep” see it while doubting the amazing abilities us humans, have but don’t usually develop.

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