Saturn in 7th House Transit – What To Expect & How to Analyze

By the time Saturn in the 7th house transit rolled around, I had been mentally preparing myself for it for some time. And, of course, I loaded up on gathering mental notes from my observations of other people’s experiences with this transit that most people would probably label as one of the most difficult ones. The 6th house transit brought me what seemed to be chronic neck and back pains from a minor car accident whiplash, which caused delays in all related 6th house activities. I was (and still am as I’m writing this) officially single for a few years even as my Saturn switched houses to the 7th, so it was interesting to observe how it would be playing out. After all, we all kind of expect breakups and struggles in the romance department during Saturn in 7th house transit, but let’s see what else is “up”, what to expect and some pointers on how to analyze the effects of this transit on your life:

1. Call off the alarm/fire squad.

You’re freaking out because you’re either already sensing some trouble in paradise with your honey, or you binged on other Saturn in 7th house transit experiences posted in astrology groups and forums that mostly mention their negative experiences. Take a deep breath and continue reading because you will see that once you work with Saturn, you don’t have to panic so much. I never said Saturn in 7th house would be easy, but let’s not make it the devil of astrology, OK?

2. Where is your natal Saturn and how long ago or how far into the future is your Saturn return, and how do you “do” your own Saturn house?

My natal Saturn is in the 5th house of romantic affairs (not marriage!), creativity, entrepreneurship, and kids. Whatever house your natal Saturn is in will delay (not deny!) but also make you committed to the matter(s) of that house.

So in my case, in addition to the Sun in the 5th house that is also marked as a delay-er of marriage, I knew a long time ago that I would likely not have kids until mid-30’s or later (if at all; I love kids so much but not ready to have my own just yet) I always took committed relationships seriously even if they didn’t lead to marriage…… why does this matter? Well, simply because both the 5th and 7th are romantic houses so it was expected of me to get psychologically affected by the Saturn in 7th house transit because of the natural interplay that exists between the 5th and 7th houses, that being of relationship-orientation.

3. How much Saturn have you “done” so far in your life, quadrant-speaking?

A weird question perhaps but let me explain how this is relevant. Let’s say you’re 24 years old with Saturn in the 10th house in your natal chart, and you have gone through around 9 Saturn house changes (the time length of each transit varies but it’s approximately 2,5 years per house). And now you’re about to enter the Saturn in 7th house transit. So up until now your Saturn visited the houses in your 4th, 1st and 2nd quadrants.

So you have already gone through the 1 full cycle of (some) Saturn lessons related to the development of your integration with the society (4th quadrant, Houses 10-12), your own identity (1st quadrant, houses 1-3), followed by the development of your identity as it relates to others in your immediate/home environment (2nd quadrant, Houses 4-6). Those last 2 quadrants make you more self-oriented as they are in the Northern hemisphere of your natal chart. Now that Saturn in 7th house transit pas you a visit, it is walking into the new territory of the Southern hemisphere that primarily focuses on the awareness of others more than ourselves.

So, in this case, since your haven’t technically done much Southern hemisphere Saturn via transits (you were very young in the 5th quadrant), you may have more discomfort with the Saturn in 7th house transit because your life lessons up until now via Saturn were kept close to home and not much the outside world. Now if this is your 2nd Saturn in 7th house transit and you are twice older, you will already be more equipped and experienced with handling this often uncomfortable but necessary life period.

4. A new life cycle for business partnerships.

Unless there is some other transit or progression making a noticeable impact, the Saturn in 7th house transit signals your entrance into a new, more visible phase of your life. Career and other “external” matters will begin to come to the forefront as you naturally become less concerned with strictly personal and “internal” stuff. If you are in a business partnership, this will bring you a need to reevaluate your and your business partner’s commitments and the level of give-and-take.

If you have been doing more without feeling fulfilled, than your partner, your partnership might go through a stressful period and the need for readjustment or even a full breakup. Not every business partnership will fall apart; some might actually come to more mature problem resolution approaches and structured ways that could greatly benefit the union. If you are the one who’s been slacking off in the past, you may find yourself being served unpleasant lessons.

5. Rewards are starting to come in.

When Saturn enters your 7th House, it officially shifts your restrictive energies and hard work-oriented focus from internal matters of the 1st through 6th houses, onto the external matters from the 7th house onwards. Simply put, it starts to transit the top half of your horoscope, also known as the Southern hemisphere. That’s when you begin to reap some rewards for your past work accomplished in the previous seven to fourteen years. Saturn in 7th house transit will reward you if you do the homework. Just like with any other Saturn transit or Saturn-related matters, Saturn will gift you with fulfillment by the end of the difficult period if, and only if, you work on yourself and do the necessary homework to get in synch with your life’s purpose without [intentionally] harming others.

6. Expect more opposition, but for your greater good.

Because the 7th house rules not only 1-on-1 relationships (marriage & partnerships or any other that you approach as more or less equal) but also open enemies, you may attract (more) enemies or competitors. Saturn in 7th house transit may make you more noticeable. So together with some successes that this transit might bring, attracting jealousy from others is possible, too. During this time, committed relationships and marriages may be under greater stress if your partner becomes envious (even subconsciously) of your success. Surely this is far from being the main reason for dumping them after their ego gets hurt, but it is a common knowledge that many people struggle with a genuine acceptance of another’s accomplishments, and this is one of the transits that will test that in your relationships.

7. Does your Saturn in the 7th house coincide closely with some other major transit?

In my case, I was simultaneously dealing with 2 major shifts at once. Saturn in 7th house transit and Pluto in 8th house transit. The reason why this is so monumental is that Pluto will only visit a handful of houses in your life because it moves so slowly, yet there is a high chance that you might feel some sort of a pull towards the change towards the end of the previous cycle and at the beginning of the new one.

In my case, the day Pluto in 8th house transit first marked its appearance in my life, I started seeing my own aura so you can imagine that the 8th house relevance here was too uncanny not to take note of. The reason why this is also relevant to my early Saturn in 7th house transit entrance is that my personal relationships were already signaling major difficult build-ups right around that time, especially with both of my psychologically and emotionally “challenged” parents, as well as romantic and business partnership prospects. The Pluto in 8th house transit transformed me, which helped to transform my attitude towards my 7th house matters.

8. Saturn in 7th house transit is a relationship spring-cleaner that echos your relationship with your own self.

Planetary transits, just like any natal chart placement, do not function in isolation but rather pull energies from the entire axis the planet affects. So when it comes to the 7th house transit, the entire 7th-1st house axis will get stimulated. After all, our own actions and the overall social “mask” that we wear in the 1st house, responds to the external stimulus of the 7th house. It cannot transform our 1-on-1 relationships without transforming and structuring our own selves, too.

Whether a marriage or a divorce happens during the Saturn in 7th house transit, it affects your perception of yourself and your actions. So if your partner breaks up with you, it is to help you heal your 1st house, too. Yes, heal. Because an average person will not voluntarily submit themselves to a conscious self-discovery, self-improvement, and even spiritual awakening unless there is a painful experience taking place that pushes the person out of their comfort zone.

Isn’t it ironic how so many women, after getting through a difficult marriage breakup of the Saturn in 7th house transit, eventually find themselves improving their 1st house (physical appearance; losing weight, etc) in order to feel prettier and more desirable again? What if those same women paid attention to their own 1st house consistently while during the marriage, so that the self-healing wouldn’t need to be put off until the darker days when self-confidence is damaged by the 7th house situation? For love compatibility aspects in synastry that would help you track your relationship potential, read my article here.

9. The Saturn in 7th house transit needs personal planets to be felt.

In order for you to really feel the effect of a slow-moving planet, it needs to come in pretty close contact with a personal planet or an angle, in your natal chart. I got slapped with a nasty Saturn square Sun transit throughout 2018, which marked new realizations (or rather final confirmations) about my father’s personality flaws that had caused a lot of damage to my hypersensitive Moon in the 12th house and al my personal planets, really, over the years.

This is when I was faced with a choice of whether to continue with the toxicity of that relationship or let go of it altogether in the name of my inner healing. I chose the latter and made the executive decision to move on from the relationship. As you can see, this was not a Saturn in 4th or 10th house transit (the mother-father, home-career axis) but rather the Saturn in 7th house transit to my natal Sun in the 5th house (Sun = father).

10. Observe other synchronicities in your life around that time.

Did you meet someone or some people or did some event occur that shifted your thinking into a new direction or more depth and understanding, that complemented or affected your Saturn in 7th house transit? Don’t discount anything – big or small. Sometimes the smallest detail ends up holding the key that brings the pieces of the puzzle together. People who enter or disappear from your life around this time do so for a reason and for your greater good. Either to help you become more realistic about something in your life that you had perhaps not given enough value in the past, or to clear up space in your environment for better-suited individuals who will be more relevant to your life’s path.

11. Don’t come from a place of fear.

Yeah, easier said than done but consider the following. Saturn is labeled as scary by some astrologers who likely don’t look at Saturn in terms of the positives and choose to focus on the negatives because no matter how you put it, Saturn is no easy walk in the park… unless you’re some highly evolved individual already equipped with the powerful knowledge of astrology and the ability to walk through life fiercely.

Saturn is the father of time. Did you know that some ancient astrologers even considered Saturn to be THE planet of astrology, and not the higher mind Uranus? That is largely because it is Saturn that grants us the ability to persist where Uranus would just get up and leave. Yes, Saturn brings some losses, but so does Uranus, and Pluto for that matter. We need to change the stigma around Saturn and rewire ourselves to look at it as not a scary monster but a great teacher that is there to actually benefit us in the long run. As hard as it may seem to believe.

12. Cross-check Saturn in 7th house transit with your North Node.

As an avid supporter of North Node astrology and having my own theories on this fascinating subject that I will slowly share with you on, I always encourage people to check in with your soul’s mission/ life path to see how it would affect or be affected by a new phase in your life.

Let’s say your North Node is in the 10th house of career. So while approximately in the first half of your life you will be leaning more into your comfort zone of the South Node in the 4th house of home, over time you will start feeling that inner voice telling you that there is more out there for you that you should be exploring, ie shift the focus to the public arena.

Some people are able to balance out the 2 nodes’ energies better than others, but in general, by around age 37, you will be aware of the need for a change. This would be relevant in case of your Saturn in 7th house transit because as the 7th house starts moving your focus to the public arena, you may find yourself, by the end of Saturn in 7th house transit, to be more successful in the career sector. Perhaps you will get some recognition or a promotion. The catch here is that the 7th house being the house of open (vs hidden) enemies, might bring envy from people around you, including your committed partner. So watch your “budinsky” but don’t be afraid to use the hard-working Saturn to your advantage if a career or a job is something that you’ve had on your mind.

Comment below about your experience with this transit and what were the sore spots and the rewards that you got out of it!

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