Psychic Predictions For 2020

Part I Psychic Predictions for 2020 by Astrosalt

[Originally posted on my Facebook wall.] Since I am scheduled for a long trip (depending on the coronavirus update in the next 2 weeks), I am posting a few more of my psychic predictions for 2020.

1. If your soul is “clean” ie even if you know you have made mistakes in the past but they were not intentionally malicious in nature or damaging for another human or animal, this will not bother you. This will bother you only if you know you’ve done something wrong that caused damage. My soul is clean. And no, clean does not mean do a bunch of sh8t and go to your local church to pray your sins away. Don’t even start with that crap. You cannot wash away your sins or use some quick-fix manifestation rewrite in your notebook that crosses out your toxicity. You gotta do real hard psychological work to regain your place under the Sun.

2. Starting from 2020, the big “clean-up” I’ve mentioned a few times, is due to begin for the following groups of people:

– Criminals, including those who have stolen from the (govt) system or in business, or from individuals. We will see more rogue politicians get exposed, too. Watch even closer from around early September as some big players will get exposed, maybe even in the financial/banking world.

– Drug addicts (there will be an above-average number of deaths!) or those with excess drinking problems. However, those who truly COMMIT to quitting this year will be able to significantly improve their life. – Women who intentionally stole a married man from another woman or used any occult method to get him attracted to her (situations where a man was already separated or on the way before the home-wrecker entered his life etc, do not apply.).

– More cancer deaths with cancer spreading to a younger age bracket yet those good-hearted who entered the 2020 with a strong mental state of choosing to beat the disease, will survive and actually add more years to their lifespan.- People and nations in general who intentionally prospered via killing other humans or animals. Yes, entire nations are due to start repaying their karmic debt. The ones in the immediate line are China and the Middle East. The US, for instance, will get its share later.

– China is due for a noticeable downturn. Not just via the coronavirus. This is a nation that went from having a stellar reputation in antiquity for its amazing quality of products and high social standards to becoming the world’s biggest polluter, killer of animals (just how many poor animals get beaten to death or eaten alive there!) with an overall poor rating in hygiene and humane factors (how many babies/kids get killed for human organs??). And despite the fact that I, too, work with China for business and without lying, source some products from there (mainly recyclable but not all), I am very well aware of the fact that there is a lot of wrongs that go on there and major changes are needed. A nation that encouraged itself for so much damage is absolutely due for natural depopulation; it brought it upon itself.

– Any scammers (including those in the newly hyped spiritual field but other fields apply, too) will be under the radar. All those manifestation “gurus” that appeared out of nowhere because they read a few Law of Attraction or Neville Goddard’s books, or tarot readers who keep fueling female obsession with male-related topics like “Will he be back” will begin their downfall because they are contributing to a lot of misinformation.

3. The good news (let me at least end this on a good note haha) is that if you ran your business dealings in a clean manner, worked very hard and persisted despite challenges and truly believe that you did not steal from others, you might actually get a great boost in business this year. Your hard work will start paying off. When all is done authentically.

Part II Psychic Predictions for 2020 by Astrosalt

I’ve been discussing January as being a harsh month globally; I believe you are all observing numerous examples of that clumped into this 1 month. I prefer to be the bearer of great news but sometimes it is necessary to mention what is to come that is more negative in order to understand why the upcoming changes will be taking place. For the ignorant ones who have nothing better to do in life than label everyone else left and right as attention-seekers, you may exit the “room” now.

For the ones interested in tracking global predictions (even if only because it is more useful than tracking what your fbook friends had for lunch based on their pics)… the upcoming increased violence towards women in the Middle East (go back to this post when the news comes in this year) will further set in motion a process of a social/humanitarian intervention to help further protect women, especially mothers (mainly in the Western world). You are already seeing new female leaders emerging in the world (makes my political science degree tucked far away somewhere, smile for once) and come 2021 we will be on our way to introducing more initiatives that will be directed towards women, especially single mothers.

I feel that even Russia (that, no coincidence here, is undergoing political restructuring now) will surprise us with its new programs. Speaking of Russian female-oriented changes, Russia is one of the first countries historically that put women to work, eventually resulting in many mothers living with a burden/choice (depending on where on the spiritual development level you are) of having to focus on child upbringing, household work and working full-time at a job while married, creating a gap between the married non-working mothers who grew accustomed to their husbands cheating (not all, of course, but it is common) but who provide for them, and having to carry it all on their own shoulders when in the labour force.

So some of the upcoming changes will be such to give more financial support to the mothers in need. The shadow side of this will be that some people will complain as it might appear from one side that it is becoming more convenient and profitable to be a non-working stay-at-home-mother. This will absolutely aggravate even many hard-working employed females and female business owners.

Back to North America and the rest of the Western world. The Weinstein case, even the post-Koby Bryant death that split the world into 2 camps (the grieving fans of his sports career who don’t want to hear anything about his dark past, and the female justice supporters who refuse to label him as a hero because they believe that he did rape a woman in the early 2000s) will inevitably rub off on the upcoming changes.

Now that we have seen first hand the scary reality of how women have little to no protection from the male elites, there will be consequences. Women no longer agree to silence, making it extremely inconvenient for the lying/cheating/aggressive males to keep their positions. This, unfortunately, will also contribute to fueling more violence towards women in the near future. (The Middle East will give us some news headlines.) When males start to lose their power, they use the most primitive ways to take it back: aggression and manipulation. The ones above that grade will try to use the law, just as it has always been the case historically when it came to justifying dog-like behaviour.

And no, I’m not anti-men; I’m anti males who cannot bypass their reptilian brain and cause damage to others (both sexes). I have dedicated many years to researching ways to bring men and women together on peaceful terms by understanding their psyche. Love, in general, is extremely important for me, but having gone through abusive scenarios myself, I cannot resonate with the complacency that is going on in the world. The shift is coming. And we will all be its cause.

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