New Moon December 7, 2018 – 6 Facts

The New Moon of December 7, 2018 (approximately; depending on your location), brings not only new beginnings but some new cautions, too. Here are the 6 facts you should know about it:

  1. Who’s Affected The Most?

While we all get affected by planetary events one way or another, if you are born around the following dates (give or take 1-2 days), this New Moon of December 7, 2018, may affect you the most (remember that events may happen later on; not specifically on this day!):

January 19

March 4

April 19

June 4

July 22

September 6

October 22

December 6

2. Optimistic New Beginnings!

The December 7th New Moon is at 15° Sagittarius, giving a more optimistic, adventurous, enthusiastic, independent and opinionated flavor to our new beginnings. 15° has a Gemini flavor so we get Fire infused with intellectual yet two-faced Air that needs a lot of outwardly expression and communication. Do we have the intellectual flexibility and increased courage to pursue our goals and dreams after the last challenging retrogrades that brought delays and frustrations to so many?  It’s time to expand our horizons and get a broader perspective on life by fine-tuning our visions, hope, and beliefs (Sagittarius rules Jupiter, which, in turn, rules our belief systems!).

3. Impractical Ventures Or Real Possibilities?

The New Moon of December 7, 2018, forms a square aspect to Mars and Neptune.  If you are launching or are working on a new project, be mindful of the strong possibility of attaching yourself to an impractical venture since Neptune brings idealism and creativity but not much realism. Double check with your peers and yourself that you are, in fact, being realistic about everyone’s expectations. Within about 2 or so weeks of us setting the stage for reaping the benefits (or losses!) of what gets started around this New Moon, we will see a clearer picture of how realistic this new beginning was, after all.

4. Magnetic or Delusional?

The New Moon brings us a Mars -Neptune conjunction. For those of you who are familiar with a Mars conjunct Neptune natal chart aspect, it can give a person sexual magnetism, romantic and sensual nature or, when combined with other natal chart placements, can make a person prone to addictions (including sexual), and even to scandals and deceptions. Bill Clinton, Richard Branson and Charles Manson have a Mars conjunct Neptune natal chart aspect, giving them that magnetic charisma, for good or ill. In Bill Clinton’s case, his sexual magnetism led to some destructive consequences, for example.

Take this and apply it to a transit during this New Moon on December 7, 2018. The energy it brings to you has a magnetic sensual undertone but can easily end up making you subject to being taken advantage of, causing negative consequences if you choose to be in addiction-prone environments such as recreational drugs, and possibly even being a victim of energetic or spiritual vampirism! With enhanced sexual tension this generates, use protection if you are sexually active as to avoid undesired situations.

5. Control Your Emotional Outbursts!

The Mars conjunct Neptune aspect that this New Moon of December 7, 2018, comes with, is at 13° Pisces. The 13th degree is a selfish, competitive and even bullying degree, aka the Aries degree. (The next round of Aries degree is 25 – I consider it to be arguably the most dangerous one but more on that later!). Do you best to control your emotional outbursts this week! (I sure noticed even some “spiritual” peeps losing their cool the other day lol).

This is not the greatest situation for a New Moon (i.e. new beginnings) because it can cause disagreements that are more violent and potentially hurtful than typical Mercury retrograde miscommunications; aggression, and harsh disputes. And how we enter the New Moon tends to set the “mood’ for this new cycle so if you get upset, try not to let it get to you too much. The energy is feisty. (Aries=Mars=War). Try to keep things passionate in a friendly way. And don’t be surprised if people with challenged Mars aspects in their chart come on strong in the next while. People who struggle with anger management may seem to resort to their aggressive ways around this New Moon of December 7, 2018.

It seems that with all the delays, frustrations and anxiety that we experienced during Mercury retrograde and even the Venus retrograde earlier with both being laced with numerous really difficult aspects that made many people lose peace and sleep, now has so many people feeling eager to get things moving again. After all, Mercury retrograde is designed to improve your existing projects and shortcomings in communication. Once out of the retrograde, people usually want to go full speed on whatever they felt delayed on earlier, especially brand new ideas.

6. Out of Your Life Or Into a Hospital?

While the Aries energy (since we’re on the subject of the Aries degree) can be good for initiating new projects (Aries people are generally great self-starters) and for (not long-lasting) passion, it is too harsh for the sensitive emotional realm. If you ever observed common Aries – Pisces or better yet Aries – Cancer couples, you’ll notice how one is the harsh one while the other the more sensitive one so you get the basic dynamic. With Mars being in a passive, empathetic and dreamy Pisces, you can already imagine the disaccord this Martian energy at 13 degrees causes – the bully vs the escapist, in one.

Neptune in Pisces (where it does well in but gives it an extra dose of illusion and slippery escapism) on Mars around this New Moon of December 7, 2018, can bring disappointments, betrayals, someone’s death (in extreme cases) or elimination of someone from your “mist”. Some of you may go into surgery or have a hospital visit (I am going next week for a check-up so wish me luck!).

Stay tuned for a more detailed astrology forecast for December 2018 to see how it affects you based on your day of birth!

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