Moon Opposite Neptune Natal Chart Aspect- 10 Facts

The Moon opposite Neptune natal chart aspect gets a reputation of being one of the more challenging placements to have. The Moon in our natal chart represents our feelings, primal emotions, nurturing needs, and sensitivity (and its level of depth and expression). Neptune is a generational planet nicknamed the “higher octave of the Moon” for its increased level of empathy, spirituality and artistry, when it is in its higher manifestation. In its lower vibration, however, Neptune rules addictions, illusions, and loss of boundaries.

Below are 10 facts about the Moon opposite Neptune natal chart aspect to help you understand its influences:

1. Extra Vulnerability.

The Moon opposite Neptune natal chart aspect makes a person more sensitive and impressionable than average, depending on the sign and the degree of the Moon itself, as well as other aspects to it from other planets and points. Neptune here will help soften up even the most hard-shelled Moon. The native may try to hide their deep emotions (as in the case with the 12th house Moon, for example) out of self-preservation, but they are surely there nevertheless.

2. Poor Boundaries.

With this aspect, we have someone whose feelings run very deep even if they don’t show it on the surface. Being this sensitive makes this person susceptible to being taken advantage of, and the world can hurt them easily because of lack of or poor energetic boundaries.

These are the people who can feel empathy for the underprivileged and the sick and those with wounded life experiences, so unless they have other strong boundary-inducing placements in their natal chart, they can be a target for narcissists, charity scammers and other people users. The codependent empath-narcissist relationship scenarios are common with this placement.

3. The Inner Struggle: Empathy vs Deception

Regardless of the state of both the Moon and Neptune in a person’s chart, a hard aspect (such as the opposition) does produce challenges for the native. Some people deal with their oppositions better than others, but the fact remains, the struggle does take place within the person.

Feeling misunderstood or rejected can lead to negative self-defeating emotions such as fear, self-pity and disappointment. If not dealt with effectively, these may result in isolation, emotional distancing, mental health struggles, deception, and the well-known “Neptunian” addictions (from drug and alcohol addictions to excessive sleeping and daydreaming).  If you experience any of these debilitating symptoms, consciously acknowledging the root causes is already half the battle won! The deep-rooted causes are essentially the emotional confusion and misunderstandings, as well as psychic energies overload subconsciously and unintentionally picked up from the environment.

Being sensitive doesn’t automatically mean understanding the situation correctly for what it is. Yes, we can’t “argue” with feelings – how we feel cannot be called “wrong” because feelings are subjective to begin with. However, understanding that just because we feel hurt, it doesn’t mean the other party always hurts us intentionally, is key here. And sometimes, depending on other factors in the natal chart, we may be deceiving ourselves just in the same way as others may be deceiving us. Neptune is tricky that way! And with the Moon-Neptune opposition here, there is a likelihood of the energies going back and forth between being misunderstood by others and misunderstanding yourself! The remedy is to learn to both state clearly what you mean, and double-check with others what they mean as to reduce misunderstandings.

This Moon opposite Neptune aspect can often mean that the person just struggles with their vulnerability and has to consciously lean on other aspects in their own chart to offset the challenging effects of this placement. This is due to the issue of having poor boundaries making the person more susceptible to feeling hurt and absorbing other people’s energies.

For example, I find that the square from my Mercury in Virgo to my Gemini Moon opposite Neptune natal chart aspect helps me to project a more verbally confident aura. So it’s a self-protection mechanism. Mercury is strongest in both Virgo and Gemini, so the Virgo here helps to organize my thoughts and verbalize my emotions in a more structured and easier to understand way, sometimes more effectively than if I was “stuck in my head” with the Moon-Neptune opposition.

4. Beware of Toxins!

With this Moon opposite Neptune natal chart placement, you are more susceptible than others to not only deception and misunderstandings, but also infections and even poisoning. Consuming alcohol and/or chemical drugs with this placement can be quite damaging. If you also happen to have a difficult aspect from Chiron to your Neptune, be even more careful with recreational substances and pharma meds. Such stimulants are depressors for your system, and while you think that escaping your life’s struggles via drinking or taking sleeping pills may be an OK temporary solution, you might find yourself more easily damaged or sick more than getting a positive result.

For instance, I have had a few negative experiences with alcohol including one that resulted in being (unintentionally or intentionally, who knows!) poisoned by a former best friend (story for another article). I have never really been much into drinking, thankfully. I guess that’s one thing Kim K and I have in common aside from our Libra Sun power haha ;). You’d think that with my Moon opposite Neptune aspect, I’d want to escape the reality more with a glass of wine here and there, but I noticed that my aura gets affected even when I’m in an environment where people consume alcohol (while I don’t) so I try to avoid bars and other drink-fest types of gatherings that my fellow Russian “comrades” are so into hehe. I typically don’t bend easily to social pressure (thanks to my Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius on my MC, as one of the clues), and while even my doctor had suggested for me to “relax” more over a glass here and there, you’d rarely see me with one… Unless I’m on vacation and the Bloody Mary’s are good ;).

5. A Highly Creative Placement.

Bringing Neptunian imagination and fantasy to our most sensitive part i.e. emotional world aka the Moon, pretty much automatically sets you up for creative orientation. It doesn’t mean that you will become an artist (it will all depend on other factors in your natal chart, too) but the basic predisposition will exist with the Moon opposite Neptune natal aspect.

Creativity becomes a part of our emotional landscape and a way to escape the difficulties of this often hurtful world. As you know, I am artistic myself so this placement surely contributes to my soul’s craving of making music and writing and fantasizing about all things art whenever I feel emotional. I always say that making art is the most healing experience for all, so for those of you who feel misunderstood and hurt by others, please give yourself the gift of self-healing via artistic self-expression!

Celebrities with a Moon opposite Neptune natal chart aspect include:

  • Marilyn Monroe – Moon in Aquarius (19°06′ 7th H) opposite Neptune in Leo (22°13′ 1st H) (orb 3’07)
  • Milla Jovovich – Moon in Gemini (12°47′ 12th H) opposite Neptune in Sagittarius (12°01′ 6th H) (orb 0°46′)
  • Robert Pattinson Moon in Cancer (8°17′ 3rd H) opposite Neptune in Capricorn (5°29′ 9th H) (orb 2°47′)
  • Robert Downey Jr. Moon in Taurus (19°12′ 10th H) opposite Neptune in Scorpio (19°31′ 4th H) (orb 0’19)
  • Hugh Grant  Moon in Taurus (4°45′ 8th H) opposite Neptune in Scorpio (7°06′ 2nd H) (Orb 2°20′)
  • Lisa Bonet Moon in Taurus (24°08′ 11th H) opposite Neptune in Scorpio (24°05′ 5th H) (Orb 0°03′)
  • Stevie Wonder Moon in Aries (18°19′ 7th H) opposite Neptune in Libra (15°03′ 1st H) (Orb 3°16′)
  • Geena Davis Moon in Taurus (3°20′ 7th H) opposite Neptune in Scorpio (0°23′ 1st H) (Orb 2°56′)

Fun Fact! The capital of artists ie Los Angeles city has a Moon opposite Neptune natal chart aspect [3°32′ Aries 6th House Moon & 4°45′ Libra 12th House Neptune] (Orb 1°12).

6. The Sign and House Matter.

Your emotional landscape will be further coloured by the condition of your Moon and Neptune starting with the basics: the sign, house, and the degree. Let’s use a celebrity example from #5 above.

Both Marilyn Monroe and Geena Davis have their Moons in the 7th House and Neptune in the 1st. This makes both of their emotional worlds dependent upon “the other” and one-on-one relationships. At the same time, Neptune falling onto their 1st House makes them not only appear “dreamy” and able to change form and take on different “personas”, which is such a “Hollywood thing”, but be also prone to self-deception and escapist tendencies as their own bodies and actions are directly affected by Neptune here.

The difference lays in the signs, degrees and House placements.

Marilyn’s Moon is in Aquarius at 19°, the Libra degree. Despite the partnership-oriented 7th House, she is more detached emotionally because of Aquarius’ absolute need for freedom (in this case, emotional). But the people-pleasing tendency and the need for fairness, and love for all things art and beauty (Libra) are also ingrained in her as part of her emotional/nurturing needs. The Capricorn overlay of her Neptune 22° gives her Neptune a bit more of a “no-nonsense” approach to her Neptunian traits, which is good for the show biz!

Geena’s Moon in Taurus at the Gemini 3° makes her more possessive, stable in relationships yet slower to change and with a communication and variety-craving streak. In her case, her Neptune at a “critical” 0° makes her Neptunian energy be, on one hand, very pronounced because of the innate urgency to learn that energy (0°). On the other hand, being at the very beginning of Neptune, she is the least adept at using the Neptunian energy’s highest manifestation and slip into illusions and deceptions.

I will examine these 2 charts more in-depth in later articles, but for now, you can already see how the same Moon opposite Neptune natal chart aspect differs in all of us just based on the Moon and Neptune deets!

7. The Emotional Psychic Sponge.

Yes, this is one of the “famous” emotional psychic sponge placements. (The Moon in the 12th house would be another example). This is one of those aspects you could see in charts of spiritual guides, psychics, and astrologers. Because of the innate ability to pick up on the emotional currents of one’s environment and the collective in general, this placement often makes it easier for the native to connect to others in their environment than themselves!

Just to give you a real-life example of this Moon opposite Neptune natal chart “sponge thing”… Whenever there is some tragic news about something or someone even personally unknown to me, I often find myself so immersed in the pain that it nearly debilitates me. My mother could be completely emotionally detached (Moon in Capricorn) from some sad news of kids’ dying in a different part of the world (she would be affected maybe for a few minutes but will then move along with her day; after all, these are not her kids). But I can find myself being sad for days. It’s as though my energy connects to the sadness of those affected by the situation on a collective level. And unless I consciously tell myself to snap out of it, I can stay very somber as though it’s my problem.

8. The Moon Opposite Neptune Mother Trouble.

Since the Moon also describes our mother or rather our experience with her, this is an uneasy placement. Simply put, the relationship with your mother was unclear and emotionally vague. You probably are able to pick up on your mom’s emotions better than she can pick up on yours. This produces the emotional push-and-pull effect that can be painful especially for a child.

You may also not see your mother clearly for who she really is. Perhaps even, she may have broken your emotional boundaries, thus making you more and more sensitive as a result of not being able to protect yourself energetically. Of course, the entire natal chart and the synastry with your mom have to be looked at in its entirety to draw more accurate info.

9. The Asteroids and 4th House Cusp Can Modify The Moon.

What I usually suggest to also cross-check when you have this Moon opposite Neptune natal chart aspect, are the following three things:

  • Your 4th House cusp aka the IC
  • Asteroid Psyche
  • Asteroid Alma (the Spanish word for “soul”, a deep heart placement)

These three extra soul-related placements will give you a more complete overview of the state of your emotional world that gets coloured by these extra overlays. Let’s say you have Psyche in Scorpio and your 4th house cusp is also in Scorpio. The darker control and intensity-hungry Scorpio energy will give more power to your lighthearted Moon in Gemini.

10. Moon Opposite Neptune Synastry Chart Spill-Over Effect.

If one partner in the Moon opposite Neptune synastry has this aspect in their own natal chart, they will be more familiar with this energy. Let’s say your Moon at 27 degrees Taurus is opposite 2 degree Neptune in Sagittarius… So everyone within a few years of you in either direction with the Moon in a certain sign and degree that Neptune occupies, will have this aspect with you because Neptune is a generational planet…

So inevitably, over time, you will need to learn to deal with the challenges of this tricky Moon opposite Neptune natal chart aspect via your synastry with someone. These will be the lessons of emotional miscommunications, disappointments, and lack of boundaries and clarity. You will be provided with an opportunity to become much more honest with yourself and others around you, clearer in your emotional communication, as well as to spiritually connect with your peers.

Bonus: Moon Opposite Neptune Natal Chart Generation Guessing

Since Neptune visits one sign for approximately 14 years, you can predict the approximate age (or at least the generation!) of a person if you know their opposing Moon’s sign, or their Moon if you know their age. Basically, this is useful when trying to guess whether a man is more suitable to be someone’s grandpa or boyfriend LOL. Remember that an orb of up to 8 degrees will be felt with the Moon opposite Neptune natal chart aspect. The Moon moves very quickly on a daily so the degrees change substantially. An easy starting point for such predictions is to use the sign that opposes Neptune so the 6th sign from Neptune in question.

  • Neptune was in Virgo from 1928 until 1943: for opposition, look for Moon in Pisces
  • Neptune was in Libra from 1942 until 1956: for opposition, look for Moon in Aries
  • Neptune was in Scorpio from 1956 until 1970: for opposition, look for Moon in Taurus 
  • Neptune was in Sagittarius from 1970 until 1984: for opposition, look for Moon in Gemini 
  • Neptune was in Capricorn from 1984 until 1998: for opposition, look for Moon in Capricorn
  • Neptune was in Aquarius from 1998 until 2012: for opposition, look for Moon in Leo 
  • Neptune will be in Pisces from 2012 until 2026: for opposition, look for Moon in Virgo

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