How Long Does a Spiritual Awakening Last?

The answer to the frequently asked question “how long does a spiritual awakening last?” is: “it depends!”

Your awakening will generally depend on the following factors:

1.Your astrological natal predisposition for psychic or emotional sensitivity, artistic talents, philosophical orientation, reformist and/or visionary tendencies, interest in life/death topics, feeling like an outcast, intense or probing personality etc.

You’ll want to primarily check the state of your Moon, Pluto and Neptune, and the signs and houses and aspects (intra-aspects especially) associated with them. Also, look for planets in the psychic houses, ie 4th, 8th, 12th, and even the 9th (this would be more philosophical). The North Node will also provide critically important information about your soul’s mission that is also your challenge. If it is connected to any water or psychic houses, you may be feeling a pull towards the spiritual depth even if it seems scary.

How long does a spiritual awakening last if you have a number of these relevant planetary aspects in your birth chart? It depends on how you’ve been using your sensitivity and whether you’ve already explored your extra sensual abilities. If you’re experiencing several of the signs of spiritual awakening and are already working on opening your third eye, you’re well underway. Enjoy the ride!

2. Your level of interest in the workings of the universe that goes beyond the conventional physics and “science”. Were you the teenager who, while studying physics or chemistry in class, still wanted to know the deeper “why” and “how” of certain facts presented to you? Did you take a philosophy course to figure out whether God exists or not? Do you question the news presented by the mainstream media? Do you believe that people around you don’t know something you know about the world?

3. Your natural abilities or “gifts” and talents that may point to potential psychic or spiritual predispositions. Are you musical or do you write poetry? Are you a hopeless romantic? Are you hypersensitive to people? These are all clues since the more sensitive and emotional people are more likely to tap into their psyche and understand the psyche of others, more naturally.

4. The likelihood of you being an indigo, crystal or rainbow child or adult. While a deeper custom analysis is required for confirmation, it’s a good idea to check (astrologically) if you may possibly be one of these complex awakened souls. I will do a separate post about the differences between indigo, crystal and rainbow people (although these are only labels FYI) but for now, keep in mind a couple of classic basic indicators:

Having a cluster of natal planets all located in a small number of houses. Usually in 4-5 houses (or even less) vs the planets being more spread out. The concentration of such planetary placements will point to a potency of certain areas of a person’s life that get the most energy, focus or importance (for good or ill) in that person’s life, while the untouched houses present opportunities for self-development but also potential challenges. If any of those houses happen to be water or psychic houses, then you’ve got a case. Also, a Uranus-Neptune natal conjunction in the same house is one more classic indigo child indicator.

How long does a spiritual awakening last if you do happen to be one of these so-called indigo adults? You’re probably already in the process but likely don’t even know it. At some point, you may be fast-tracking during one of your transits. Keep reading.

5. The current planetary transits you are going through right now or did recently that had a transformative effect on you. How long does a spiritual awakening last if you’re going through such a transit already? Specific transits may help point to a possible time period of your life when you may be going through the awakening but there is no way to tell exactly how long it will last, or exactly how quickly you’ll accelerate if you’re going through the third eye opening phase.

The most important transits to look for are primarily from the ultimate life transformer Pluto. Pluto transits through a particular house take around 2.5 or so years (it varies). The houses to pay particular attention to here are 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th. Pluto in the 4th house transit (natal) will reform your understanding of and attitude towards family & home life, your family roots, your inner boundaries and childhood traumas, which will help to set in motion the release of the emotional blocks (if you learn the lessons of that transit, of course).

Pluto in 7th house transit will reform your relationships with romantic partners or prospects, and business partners or co-workers, and leave you equipped for arguably the most transformative houses of all, the Pluto in the 8th house transit.

Pluto in 8th house transit would be the classic indicator of the likelihood of a spiritual transformation in you. After all, it is the house of death (most often not literal, don’t worry) and rebirth, and psychic intuition.  How long does a spiritual awakening last if it began during your Pluto in 8th house transit? Well, again, it depends on the combination of the factors discussed above, and your level of openness to the transformative forces. Could be 3 years, could be a year. But remember that awakening is a life-long process in most cases so if you’re just at the beginning of your journey, don’t expect to be done with it in a month. It doesn’t work that way.

If you’re scared or unwilling to transform and try to be overly controlling or not controlling enough, the Pluto experience will be a painful and potentially devastating one. If you gel with it and let yourself slide into its lessons, you’ll have a smoother and perhaps faster transition. In most cases, you won’t even know until the transit passes that you’re being transformed. This is normal.

Pluto in 9th house transit will shift your attention to the bigger picture about the universe and your life as a whole after you have risen from the “ashes” like a phoenix following the previous Pluto transits. So if you have not already begun your ascension by now, it will be a good time.

Finally, Pluto in 12th house transit is the ultimate spiritual reformer. As buried feelings and psychic garbage begin to emerge, possibly complemented with unusual dreams (even psychic in nature), these forces will set a perfect environment for you to go within and tap into the deepest layers of your mind, psyche and even train your auric vision if you haven’t done so yet.

6. You consciously and purely voluntarily choose to transform yourself and explore your own psyche, even if it means going through painful experiences, childhood traumas, identification of own strengths, gifts and weaknesses, and perhaps even past life regression. I believe that the true awakening takes place when you acknowledge your own inner need for a deeper and more fulfilling life that goes beyond the material side of life (while can also coexist with it! It’s a misconception that you must choose one or the other) and are ready to face the deep self. My advice: instead of worrying about “How long does a spiritual awakening last”, consider taking just as much time as feels right to you, without expectations or racing to the finish line. 🙂

7. How long does a spiritual awakening last if you’re going through it completely alone or with a support group? The question here really is “are you ready to do it alone?” While spirituality, in general, is a very personal thing, the truth is that while some people are naturally born with a spark and hunger for exploring their own psyche and an alternative world order, many others really do need others in order to develop their best selves.

We were not placed on this planet to exist in a vacuum. We cannot grow unless we interact with others, even if at the end of the day we still prefer solitude. Trust me when I tell you – the opening of your third eye, seeing auras, having “healing hands” or seeing spirits (or whatever else gifts spiritual awakening often comes with) and doing daily yoga or meditation do not make you understand your own psyche at the deepest level and will not be able to provide you authentic inner healing unless you understand every part of yourself (your ego, your hidden emotional side, your communication style, love & sex nature, and so on). Daily meditation and breathing exercises will help you unwind and slow down but they will not explain to you what type of trauma your mother or father or lack of thereof (subconsciously) may have caused to you during childhood or why you’re not as “lucky” in love as you were 5 years ago…

So, if needed, seek out a support system while you’re going through the awakening. Find kindred souls who, on one hand, have your best interest at heart, but on the other are psychologically fearless so they can help you unravel your own inner blockages so you can come out reborn. I know this will be tricky if you’ve just gone through a Pluto in 7th house transit like I did, but trust me, they are out there!

And lastly, perhaps a better question to “How long does a spiritual awakening last?” would be “How can I make my spiritual awakening process smoother and more rewarding?” and “Where can I find the support I need to make the transition with more confidence?”. But we’ll discuss that in another article…

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