January Astrology Forecast 2019 for All Signs (Mid-Month)

Welcome to part 2 of the 2019 January astrology forecast. For part 1 (covering January 1-10, 2019), please click here.

Let’s dig right in! As always, please remember that these are general energies that serve as overlays to our own so for most accurate predictions, you would need to analyze your very own specific transits, too. Some of the energies are rather heavy this month so hopefully your individual transits offset some of the collective heaviness.

As early as the first few days of January 2019, I have already noted multiple terribly sad news in my newsfeed – from cruel beatings (Mars in Aries galore!) to deaths. Please be extra kind to each other this month.

Mid-January Astrology Forecast

Around January 11, 2019, the Sun conjunct Pluto transit at 20° Capricorn will produce an intense, rather forceful and tunnel vision-like focus. As with all Pluto-related contacts, the theme is that of letting go as part of our psychological death and rebirth cycle. Let go of what no longer serves you, and make space for the new and improved you!

More Rain and More Deception?

Consequently, after that intensity, we may find ourselves in a rather dark mood around January 13, when Mercury conjunct Saturn at 12° Capricorn brings some upsetting news, or at the very least, sad or somewhat pessimistic thoughts.

On the same day, the clouds in the sky will most likely bring lots of precipitation due to the Jupiter at 14° Sagittarius square Neptune at 14° Pisces transit. Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, and Neptune is associated with liquids and clouded vision. More so, we might experience increased precipitation throughout the entire 2019 while this waning square reigns over the sky! You may want to invest in a new umbrella ;)…

And if you’re a fan of scandals, this January astrology forecast points to issues being revealed about financial losses or expenses, and even related to the Vatican (both Jupiter and Neptune are spiritual planets!). Not only for January 2019 specifically but throughout the entire year!

What is more concerning here is that this aspect is a very deceptive one. Again, this is because Jupiter magnifies Neptune even via a square with the square resulting in a more erratic and negatively exaggerated effect. It brings not only uncertainty and distorted perception but also irresponsible behaviour and passivity! Watch out for carelessness and negligence. With Mars in Aries that we are under this month that makes people more driven and self-oriented, we may find more people act erratically in a “whatevah” manner. Fraud and big deceptions are very real possibilities around this time so be extra mindful and careful.

On a positive note, the Jupiter square Neptune transit increases creativity and suggests an expansion of loving compassion on a more spiritual and/or metaphysical level. This will be a great time to both work on your art and get an astrology reading from AstroSalt!

Stand Back!

Around January 17, the Sun at 26° Capricorn opposes the mean Lunar North Node at 26° Cancer. If you recall from my December 2018 astrology forecast, North Node in Cancer makes us more directed at home and family security-related values, as well as the public and female themes.

Sun in Capricorn at a Taurus degree (26°) gives our identity a highly materialistically driven overlay that normally favours career pursuits. But when in opposition to the home and family areas, it can give low vitality so keeping a low profile around this time is best.

Some of you, my beloved January astrology forecast readers, unfortunately (or fortunately if you are looking forward to such changes), may go through some personal temporary setback such as a resignation at work, a defeat or an identity crisis or reevaluation of sorts. Maintaining the authority position will be difficult during this time. So don’t push it; stand back.

Mercury conjunct Pluto transit at 21° Capricorn will also intensify the Sun at 28° Capricorn square stationing Uranus at 28° Aries transit. With so much irritation and mental strain in the air, I think I’ll just stay home and not schedule any important meetings for that day! Power struggles are expected, and so are sudden leave-taking or some unexpected (due to Uranus) breaking news about a separation of sorts. Ouch!


Another Crisis And Loss?

Around January 20, the Sun will enter the unpredictable and erratic freedom-loving Aquarius suggesting some tension and stress due to some crisis or even an emergency situation.

Those of you who were born around January 4, February 2, March 4, April 3, May 4, June 4, July 5-6, August 6, September 6, October 6-7, November 5-6 or December 5-6, will feel the following influences the most:

In matters of love and romance, possible inhibitions, disputes, separation, overall frustration, feeling unloved or even loveless, unsupported and the cooling off of emotions and affections.

For some of you, there may also be some unexpected financial expenses or even losses.

This is the more so because around January 21, monetary Venus at 14° Sagittarius squares dissolving Neptune at 14° Pisces. Money will just “slip away” sort of speak due to expenses, not just disappointment in love :(.

The waning Venus-Neptune square is a rather tragic aspect in that it suggests an insatiable and unfulfilled longing that looks for compensation in an artificial way by sacrificing oneself, building unrealistic fantasies, taking substances like alcohol or drugs to soothe your pain. For those of you who have this aspect in your natal chart, you already know what I’m talking about!


Astrology Forecast January 2019 Lunar Eclipse

Around the January 21 Lunar Eclipse, the Lunar Eclipse at 0° Leo at the time of the Sun entering Aquarius, might bring a busy and turbulent time period. Some effects to expect: difficulties to let go of the past, any parental issues, chaotic or unstable living circumstances, increased emotional and psychological turmoil, separation or divorce, “short fuse behaviour”, anxiety, panic attacks, heart issues and/or conception.

Mars at 13° Aries square Saturn at 13° Capricorn transit will create a rather aggressive and brutal vibe. You may be working longer hours and pushing beyond the limits.


Around January 21-22, Mercury at 29° Capricorn opposes the mean North Node of the Moon while Venus and Jupiter conjoin at 16° Sagittarius.

Mercury-Lunar Node aspects in general indicate restless and hectic times with lots of noise.

Venus and Jupiter together at a loving degree may point to pleasant encounters, nice gifts or purchases for some of you.

16° Sagittarius is a very public degree suggesting announcements regarding love and romance (pregnancy, childbirth, marriage, a proposal, an important love encounter etc.).

Planning a hot date? This could be a great time to take advantage of Venus conjunct Jupiter! Make sure you do so before January 23 though.


Around January 23, Mercury at 28° Capricorn square Uranus at 28° Aries may bring unexpected news, events, and nervous tension. Sleepless nights and traffic or air accidents are possible. You can be in a contradictory mode and change opinions easily.

In astrometeorology, Mercury square Uranus transits are often linked to heavy wind and even storm.


A Surprising Situation!

Around January 26 of this astrology forecast for January 2019, Mercury enters the disruptive and unpredictable thinker, Aquarius (often seen in natal charts of astrologers). Mercury in Aquarius is a fixed type of a mental process and communication that emphasizes strong convictions that won’t bend to others’ will. (My mother has this aspect natally and oh boy, I sure know how tricky it is to reason with her with my facts and logic-oriented Mercury in Virgo).

So this week of the 26th of January, expect some peculiar and surprising situation to get your attention. Not to be a downer here but the excess tension might even lead to a mental breakdown in some of you!

With lots of buzz going on around (ohhh Facebook will be busy around that day!), we should expect some breaking news headlines about some scandal or even fraud.


The Merger

Around January 29-30, the Sun conjunct Mercury transit at 9° Aquarius should bring news about a merge or a partnership of sorts. Whether business or personal, it will be some sort of a “calculated” bond, especially on a mental level (Sun conjunct Mercury blends the identity/ego with thoughts/communication). The 9th degree (of the expansive Sagittarius) further points to the expansive effect of the merger.

This degree could also mean that the news could involve a foreign or an international matter, space or airplanes (Aquarius’ domains), the internet, digital currencies (perhaps some cryptocurrency update?), new inventions etc.

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