January 2019 Astrology Forecast – January 1 to 10

Happy New Year, my astro-nauts! While I always remind you that for most accurate planetary transit influences, you must analyze your natal chart as a whole (hence my hope that more of you will begin studying astrology), this January 2019 astrology forecast is general so may not resonate with all of you. On a mundane level, this month’s events are most likely to occur around the following dates:

January 5-6

January 13

January 19-20

January 25-26.

“Less lucky” days are expected to be January 2, 3, 4 and 18. Try not to initiate any major projects on these days (no proposals, no marriages, no home purchase or change of residence…) because things may not go as wished or planned and may need revision later on.

While, as you will see in this January 2019 astrology forecast, this month’s planetary energies will not affect such a vast variety of specific birthdays as much as in the December 2018 astrology forecast, there will be, however, the configuration of the stationing Uranus that may affect a number of specific birthdays throughout nearly the entire month so keep reading!


January 2019 Astrology Forecast: Ready for Mars in Aries Action?

With Mars entering its own sign of Aries known for being action and initiative-oriented, around December 31 – January 1, we may see the deployment of the armed forces (military and/or police). Remember all the Mercury in Sagittarius stuff from last month and the discussions on topics related to foreign affairs, cultures, and travel? We may see some outcomes of that on the world stage.

This January 2019 astrology forecast suggests that those of you who are in stock trading may finally see more movement and opportunities as this period will be marked by high energy in markets. After taking a breather for awhile due to wonky stock market situations throughout this whole 2018 year, I am anticipating some movement so will be returning to trading starting this month. We are still not out of the woods yet with the cryptocurrencies but things are starting to improve.

Beware Injuries and Somber Mood!

This month in general, be extra careful with any sudden physical hurts such as head injuries, cuts or burns. Aries is an impulsive and impatient sign (just like a baby!), prone to do first-think after attitude so

“Coincidentally” with the start of an actual new year, Mars at 0° Aries represents an enthusiastic push towards new beginnings, so we can expect January 2019 astrology forecast to be filled with people going towards their “first” of something, whether it be a switch of career or residence, new engagement or marriage, or childbirth etc.

Around January 2, the Sun conjunct Saturn at 11° Capricorn aspect produces a sobering effect (after all the heightened emotions over the holidays) that has to do with some sort of a burden, be it on an emotional level and feeling a bit lonely for some, to physical issues or feeling drained or restricted, for others.

When Mercury enters Capricorn around January 4-5, we may get some formalities-related information and hear about governmental or official news or documents.

The Solar Eclipse

The January 5-6 Solar Eclipse at 15° Capricorn, a so-called “critical degree” (with the other 1 being at 0 and 29),  is in a way a cry for help, the urge to feel powerful and recognized/validated, or even be loved and be meaningful. The 15th degree is the Gemini degree so this “cry for help” can take a literal verbally express form since Gemini is a sign of communication.

Look for planets and angles and points in your natal chart in Capricorn between approximately 11 to 19 degrees, as well as other cardinal signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer) at the mentioned degrees. That is where you will feel the influences of this Solar Eclipse the most.

These influences will manifest in different ways. For some of you, the meaningfulness will come because of a planned commitment or marriage. For others, it may come in a form of a promotion at work or a career change. But those of you who feel unable to manifest that urge to be meaningful or to be recognized and validated, will feel down. If this is you, you should do your best to keep a positive attitude (just know that the energies are temporary!) as to help you overcome an empty feeling of hopelessness. Depending on your own natal chart, your time for that urge will come at a different period (it doesn’t mean it won’t. Life is cyclical for all).

According to the amazing astrologer Bernadette Brady, this Solar Eclipse is concerned with unusual groups. The person’s involvement with these groups may produce a feeling of having an opportunity to gain a great deal. I have been invited to a TV industry-related meeting just shortly before this eclipse so naturally, my mind will wonder whether that group of individuals might leave me with a lasting impression that would stimulate that urge mentioned earlier.

Furthermore, around this January 5-6 Solar Eclipse, Uranus will station and turn direct again at 28° Aries.

Stationing Uranus often coincides with sleepless nights, lots of irritation, being shaken up, and heavy storms. Also, at 28° Aries, stationing Uranus may point to rejection, some health issues that, in extreme cases, may result in hospitalization, and a cold atmosphere.

From a different angle, however, Uranus is, after all, an intellectual planet and may indicate some breakthroughs in science and research so let’s keep an eye open for news on that around the world!

Finally, this stationing Uranus can also reveal scandals and even fraud that may cause a lot of commotion and bring about a huge awakening. If you own a business, especially, be careful with anyone you don’t particularly trust in your business circles around this time.

After the Neptune in Pisces challenging aspects we experienced in December, now things that were nebulous and confusing will be revealed to us in a new light with new information. This new clarity will help us conclude that things are not what they seemed before and that there is a difference between what is real and what is not. Depending on your own planetary natal chart configurations, this may apply to different areas of your life – personal romantic, career aspirations, home and family life, or other.

These sobering influences may affect you the most if you are born around the following dates:

January 18

March 3

April 18

June 3

July 21

September 5

October 21

December 5.

The current astrological configurations, however, are good for any musical creativity and enjoying music concerts should be on your to-do list this week.

Following astrometeorology, the atmosphere may get cold now, which results in snow, ice, and lots of humidity here and there.

Around January 7, Venus enters Sagittarius, indicating the love to be out into the open, being attracted to all things “foreign”, relationships with people from other countries, cultures or religious beliefs but also the need to enjoy the freedom and lots of free space.

With Venus in Sagittarius being in an adventurous position, the mood should remain light as this sign cannot stand boundaries or a heavy committed restrictive influence that demands responsibility. For that, you would want to lean on the Earth signs, but that’s not what Venus in Sagittarius is interested in so put those relationship chains away! Those of you who have a natal Venus in Sagittarius might feel even more playful during this time.

Following astrometeorology, this can be a clouded and/or overcast day.

Keep That Sarcasm and Road Rage In Check!

If you are born around the following dates (give or take a couple of days), you may be affected by the influences mentioned in this section of the January 2019 astrology forecast, the most:

February 9

March 26

May 11

June 27

August 13

September 28

November 12

December 27

Around January 8, we may have a few quite dangerous days as Mercury at 4° Capricorn squares Mars at 4° Aries.

Mars here is extra combative because it is in its own war-loving sign of Aries, and with both Mercury and Mars being at 4 degrees (the Cancer degree), things that are said can leave people extra sensitive and lash out in self-defense or heightened sensitivity.

If you’re as sarcastic like me, you’ll probably want to keep those smart-ass comments in check around this time because the competitive and combative influences will produce irritation and impatience and blow up out of proportion in no time.

Mercury in Capricorn is one of the placements seen in comedians, with cold less emotion-more productiveness type of attitude so insensitive sarcasm may lead to uncontrollable arguments this time around.

Also, this particular waxing square is very accident-prone! With reckless Mars in Aries in the mix, traffic accidents may be a given, so beware those crazy drivers driving above speed limits. If you’re one of those nightmare rage-prone drivers who threaten to kill the dude in front of you for cutting you off on the highway, may I suggest taking the bus that day…!

There is also the possibility of deception by someone else, fraud, theft, and some financial scandals.


To be continued……….

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