Coronavirus & Energy: The ‘Why’, Who Will Survive, What To Do?

[Podcast audio transcript; please excuse any missed errors]. Hello friends and other cosmically curious minds. This is Lera Salt. While the entire world seems to be going nuts and is in the panic mode with this Coronavirus pandemic and me, by contrast, I’m working hard on creating some video & audio content for (finally taking the plunge), I’d like to share some insights, some thoughts with you on the whole subject of Coronavirus and the panic mode that’s going on right now.

Some of the questions that I’ll be covering have to do with why this is happening, who qualifies to survive, who will not survive. The call for appreciation for essential versus non-essential workers that have been on the front line during this pandemic. Seeing people for what they really are and how this pandemic is actually assisting us with that. And how all these manifestation and spiritual gurus may be in a bit of a hot seat right now, predicting or teaching people stuff that may not be as relevant anymore because of the pandemic and what it’s revealing about their true nature.

Some of this information you may find triggering for you, you might not resonate with it. In this case, please apply the law of the two feet, meaning take you feet and exit this room as you please. But as for the rest of you, if you are seeking answers, hopefully some of this will shed more light and provoke some more thoughts for you that will help you get through this time a little bit easier.

So why is the Corona virus happening, uh, from, from the energetic and esoteric points of view? Well, simply put, this is to clear out the overload in the system. A small number of, you might remember one of my posts on Facebook from either back in December, 2019 or early January, 2020 where I mentioned about this global cleanup phase that we will be going through in 2020 in preparation for the massive shift that that’s due to occur.

By 2021 everything is energy. And everything in our lives can be traced back to energy-related, um, explanations. Even though we often hear phrases like, Oh, so and so is bad energy. This is bad energy, or this is good energy, good vibes, only energy own its own. It’s actually a pretty neutral thing. Yet there’s.

Effective energy and less effective energy. What one person considers to be bad. Another person I consider to be good throughout history. Some events, some dramatic events, traumatic events that could be easily classified as negative, you know, negative energy. Sometimes result in positive outcomes, more effective outcomes for the world as a whole.

Positive progress is being made, new technological advances and so on and so forth. One of the keys to find that inner peace and calmness is to understand that with energy, it’s about the need to balance it out, whether independently with you as an individual person within yourself. Or with your environment or the collective as a whole.

It’s all about the rebalancing of energies. Finding the balance also applies to everything else. On the global scale, the world as an entity. So when there’s an overload in the system, and I’m pretty sure it’s pretty easy to see that that’s been the case in the last few decades with us, especially in the last decade.

There needs to be a rebalancing of the structure of the system, but how can you inflict the change without something. That creates a shock in the system. Humans are rather lazy creatures, and if there’s no stimulus for any sort of change, any sort of, uh, improvement for good or ill, they will remain in the status quo.

These sorts of massive shocks to the system. Inevitably. Produce change. Now the question is, who pushes forth this change? Is this something that individual humans do or whether it happens on a higher plane? I’m referring to God and spiritual entities that humans don’t necessarily have control over. Well, my answer is it’s both.

We receive the stimulation for a change from the higher plane as part of, from the big plan, the bigger picture. But it’s us on an individual level that take that received information, apply it to ourselves, our own lives, and decide what to do with it. So we become inevitably also part of this. Process holding responsibility for our own choices.

There’s a lot of conspiracy theories floating around right now about even though the five gene, uh, having a severe effect on people’s health and the, the spread of the Corona virus. Uh, I’m not gonna discuss that in detail here right now, but. But let’s use this example to demonstrate the, the interplay between, um, the individual humans and the higher forces.

So let’s assign the label of though the higher force, the higher power to the five gene network that is spreading around the world right now. And the energy that it emits as something that needs to be balanced out. The radio frequency radiation that the five G network is believed to generate as per anti 5g activists can damage DNA and lead to severe illnesses, cancer, other diseases, and even premature aging.

Uh, just a real disruption of cell metabolism. And, uh. So we can compare the five G in this particular example as the virus, right? Okay. Now we have the big businesses promoting the benefits of the five G network. Um, not only faster mobile internet speed, but also the, um, ability to, uh, to be more connected in many more objects than what we have available today.

And then we have the masses, the consumers that are split into either being pro or against the five G network, but as it still stands today, they still have a choice of buying 5g operated products. Or not with a threat. Fear that this could one day become a, um, global adopted network that they would not have a say a gain just once it gets adopted on a mass scale.

In a nutshell, what we’re looking at here is the concept of usefulness and benefits versus damage, threats, and fear. So usefulness of the five G network is being promoted by the businesses and the bureaucracy. And the potential damage that it might cause and the threats and fears associated with that is something that’s growing in the, um, on the consumers side, the big businesses use usefulness and the benefits of the five gene network to push through their own agenda.

And to move the society forward according to them, the fear produced or created in those consumers that I gauged that particular idea for whatever reason. An obstacle, a blockage, a burden, and a delay for those big businesses that are rooting for you. The usefulness of this network. Let’s now move that analogy to what’s going on with the Corona virus on a universal energy balancing level in the last few decades.

The world. It’s different societies with its governments and it’s elites in the big businesses and the few select families that own this world. Yes, it’s an ownership, not rulership. Ownership. And the world operates like a business. So over the last few decades, they have observed. They increase in the levels of uselessness.

Yes. Uselessness of certain layers of the population. No. Society is an operational business. Wants to feel burdened by its citizens. Every government, every big business, every ruling family wants only the strongest to remain within its structure. This is completely normal. And if you have ever even attempted to start your own business and to own a business.

No matter your humanitarianism and Goodwill that you enter the business world and at the end of the day, you realize that in order for your business to survive in this throat cutting world. You need to become more selective about your employees. Otherwise you fail. Those people who present a particular value to different organizations keep their positions and they do not have to worry about fearing.

Losing their positions because they understand their value very well. Same thing happens in the entire world as a whole. When you know your self worth, when you absolutely know your value and what you can bring to. The world in general, uh, two different organizations and you feel that others value you for it.

You become, I don’t want to say invincible, but you start letting go of all the fears that you had. Previously within you through building that value and becoming useful for the society that you’re in. A quick example from Russian history. I’m Russian. I’m Ross Boutine. Or in Russian, it would be the Rasputin.

No, he was not the lover of the Russian queen, but he was a healer with, with a unique set of skills and abilities and a psychic abilities as well, not only healing that made him untouchable. In terms of, uh, losing his position, losing his job, essentially, he was so valuable for the Royal family, right?

Because he had that, uh, a special touch that was able to heal, um, their son, who was very, very ill, that he became a, um, good luck talisman for the Russian Royal family. That’s in the beginning of the 20th century. It’s a slightly extreme example because obviously the majority of people, the masses, we will never attain that level of influence on any elite family.

And in the end, uh, the mad monk, you know, quote unquote, right? That was his nickname, um, was murdered, but the murder was not ordered by the czar. He was assassinated by a group of, um, noblemen who opposed his, um. He’s a level of influence over the czar and especially that Serena, Alexandra, and that’s the Romanov feminine.

The point of this is that whenever you have something of use. To the society, you position yourself in a much better place within that same society. That helps to remove your fears with respect to the place and safety, uh, within that society. So on the energetic level, when it comes to the coronavirus situation.

The Corona virus is here to rebalance the different injustices in the level of usefulness certain layers of the population have for these different societies. It may sound rough and harsh because the, the virus obviously targets mainly. Uh, the elderly. But this is not to say that everybody who’s over the age of 60 is useless to the society.

This is absolutely not true. There are plenty of older people on this planet who become even a moral or become even recognized later on in life. Age as a number has nothing to do with this. What we’re talking about is the actual usefulness of you as an individual for the society. Those who drain or impose become a burden for the society.

Are not a desired layer of the population in any society. This is unfortunate to hear if you’re one of those people who defend the weak and the powerless with your entire heart, and I definitely, sometimes I am also one of those people. However. We have to be realistic about the way that the world operates.

And if you cannot provide any sort of value to the society, if you do not work, if you only collect payments, you know, for, I don’t know, unemployment for years and years and years, you’re constantly sick and you become a burden on your family. You know, let’s say, uh, let’s say, I don’t know, some woman gives birth to eight children and none of them can support themselves because all of them are.

Even though it might seem as an unfortunate, perhaps even karmic situation, but a, it was that woman’s choice to continue giving birth to more and more children, even though she, let’s say that in this hypothetical example, um. Has struggles on the financial front or on the health-related front. And, B, no matter how you put it, she becomes a burden, a financial burden on somebody else.

In this case, um, the government would say. When people operate from a place that the society, the government owe them something as in they’re entitled to support. They mistakenly think that by remaining in a state of victim hood, they are actually doing themselves and their children and their life in general of favor.

The society’s job is primarily not to deal with the, its burdens and, uh, allow those who burden it to let it sink even further, but to prosper, to grow and become stronger and more resilient. The faster you understand that the society or the governments of those societies do not owe you alive, that the you, yourself or your family cannot provide for you.

The faster you can heal from your own childhood traumas and whatever blockages you have, that stopped your mentality from. Accessing your potential to become independent and free. Now you might say, well, wait a minute. If it all comes down to usefulness and you know, being willing to, to work and contribute to the society, then why are so many.

Uh, doctors and healthcare practitioners dying from this virus as well. I mean, they’re providing so much value. They are essentially, uh, helping to save lives. But when I talk about usefulness, you have to understand it’s on an energy level, in the higher consciousness, um, level that is not the same thing as.

Going into work and thinking that that’s it. You’re useful. Not only do you have to feel inside of yourself, the confidence that comes with your usefulness for this world, not pretend that you resonate with it and that’s your life’s calling. But you actually have to genuinely feel it inside of you, in every bone of your body.

But it also has to align with, um, the higher plan, if you will. If your highest purpose in life was to save a life by being a medic, a healthcare practitioner during the Grano virus outbreak. And that’s kind of the highest point of your soul. Uh, your soul’s mission, then the death in this case would mean a completion of a cycle that was fulfilled.

You know, the purpose of that person’s life was fulfilled and yes, it ended with a coronavirus. Now we all very well know that many. Many, um, frontline workers are absolutely terrified of this virus. Going into work, being frontline and assisting sick patients isn’t an easy job, and it takes an immense amount of, um, inner peace and inner strength to remain calm in those conditions and to, uh, remain confident that you’re going to be okay.

Fear. Breeds more illnesses. It’s a known fact because fear leads to anxiety and you know, all this stress is a known factor in a development of, of different illnesses from, you know, from mental to actual physical illnesses. The majority of the healthcare professionals who. Um, our or we’re saving that patient’s lives.

We’re nearly equally terrified of the virus as the patients themselves. Just because they don’t show it on the surface doesn’t mean it’s not there. Those who do not have that inner power and the power of the mind are the prime candidates for being removed with a Corona virus. If your purpose in life goes beyond just procreating.

Oh, being a good housewife. Okay? And you’re not interested in self development because you want an easy, convenient life. You become an easier target energetically speaking. This is not something, you know, somebody I’m sending, they’re chasing after you with, um, you know, with the virus, this is all happening on the energy level.

You become an easy, a target for any sort of illness related to the virus or not. You must develop your inner power and inner independence. Genuine one, not anything fake. Not the pretend, not something that looks strong and cool on social media, but. In depth, super deep in our power. If you want to not only survive but to flourish, if you don’t want others to have power over you, because that seems to be, um, such a common issue, right?

The masses think that’s the government or the leads have control over them and they’re, uh, you know, the minds are controlled by the media. There’s always this theme of, of, of being controlled by another entity, right? So if you don’t want others to have. That control and power over you, you must develop your independence, your skills, different talents, uh, international brain power to be able to support yourself in nearly every situation and supporting yourself not only financially, but emotionally and psychologically.

Meaning that even if there’s a state of panic in the world, you must train your mind to remain independent or free from the chaos. Um, in order not to succumb to the same panic, right? So you must remain objective and cool headed and people who truly follow their life per purpose and they feel it inside of themselves and they are meant for something bigger and they’re doing whatever it is in their inner power to reach that goal.

Trust me, those people usually don’t even have that much time. For fear because they are , their brain is preoccupied with that higher purpose. And as someone who is living in that state, I was able to achieve that state through incredibly hard work internally on myself over the years. I can tell you that I completed, there was an aid with it.

Um, I do not have time for fear, even over an epidemic, because my purpose goes beyond it. It doesn’t matter if, um, you know, the other 80% of the population is going crazy. Let them, they are dependent, dependent on many things, you know, starting from fear, um, you know, social interactions. Um. And other external stimulations, uh, in order for them to make it through the day.

You know, these are the people who kind of live Monday to Friday. Just to be able to go out after work for that drink because they worked so damn hard every day, don’t we all? Or you know that mom that chose to give birth to four children, even though, you know she didn’t have a steady job at the time and she relied completely on her husband to support her.

But then bam. Uh, the husband started cheating and he lost interest in her and now she is left with pretty much nothing because he left her in the end. It, we know stories like that are of people who are dependent, right? So if you are internally independent, um, other people’s panic mode should not affect your inner knowing that you will be fine.

You must become useful to the society, to yourself, to your own future. Not a burden, but a useful, beneficial prosperity oriented working entity. And working here doesn’t mean you know, um. Any type of paid labor, right? Work sometimes can be even unpaid, uh, in monetary means, but it’s paid and other ways, right?

When you bring benefit to the society, let’s say you, you work with nonprofits, um, or you do a lot of, I don’t know. Charity work, for example, right? You bring, um, a usefulness to the society. The rewards might come in different, um, in different form. If your goal goes beyond receiving the reward. Working on your spiritual self growth and improving, improving your skills, your brain power is really, truly the only way to survive.

Not only the, uh, the pandemic, but anything. If you only concern yourself with questions like what to watch next on Netflix? You know, what’s the, what’s the next greatest movie, and will the government pay my bills because I can’t afford it right now because I’m out of job. You position yourself as a burden for the society.

Now, if you ask yourself, Hmm, how can I use this time that I now have available to improve myself and to improve my future? That’s a different story.

PART II to be cont’d….

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