Coronavirus Domestic Violence On the Rise As Per Psychic Predictions

As of approximately the first week of April 2020, the news outlets have been raising concerns over the Coronavirus domestic violence spike, especially in the Middle East. On January 28, 2020, I published some of my psychic predictions for 2020 (originally posted on my Facebook in 2 parts, on January 26 & 28). While some of them are yet to play out, a few already have. One such example has to do with the rise of violence against women in the Middle East. Here is the excerpt from my writing:

…the upcoming increased violence towards women in the Middle East (go back to this post when the news comes in this year) will further set in motion a process of a social/humanitarian intervention to help further protect women, especially mothers…
January 28, 2020

And below are some quotes and recent news headlines I pulled from Google (note: I do not focus on verifying the reliability of the news due to time restraints, but I pull headlines as a way to confirm the relevancy of my psychic predictions for 2020:

Domestic violence cases are up about 20% since the lockdown started in March, Anani told the Thomson Reuters Foundation from Lebanon, where authorities have closed all but essential businesses.
April 7, 2020
Coronavirus Domestic Violence On the Rise As Per Psychic Predictions

An article in Qantara (Germany) explains that Coronavirus domestic violence increase is expected in the Arab world and appears especially dire due to patriarchal notions of women’s roles, especially when at home. Tight-knit family structures and multigenerational living conditions in confined spaces lead to additional pressure and risk for women.

Domestic Violence in Middle East

In an Alijazeera article, the author discusses the risk increase of Coronavirus domestic violence for millions of Asian and African migrant domestic workers (mostly female) in the Middle East.

Under the kafala (sponsorship) system, which exists across the region to varying degrees, migrant workers’ visas are tied to their employers and they are not allowed to leave or change employers without their employer’s permission. Domestic workers who escaped abusive employers ended up arrested and returned to abusive employers or imprisoned and deported for “absconding”.
April 4, 2020

Under new COVID-19 rules, Middle East governments have not established any protective or even identification measures for domestic workers in distress, and have not taken any action to ensure that those workers who escape abuse while being confined at their employers’ homes are not arrested as violators of any lockdown restrictions or curfew.

Coronavirus Domestic Violence On the Rise As Per Psychic Predictions

Speaking of the social/humanitarian interventions to help protect women… Canada where I currently reside has now set aside extra funding to help abused women get through the Coronavirus domestic violence side-effect. We will see how that goes as abuse is on the rise.

Why am I presenting proof of Coronavirus domestic violence spike to you?

Two reasons. First, to have some sort of a tracking system for future references. And second, to help you understand the mechanics behind a psychic mind in order to eliminate assumptions and illusions that most people have.

I did NOT predict the emergence of the Coronavirus (everyone channels different types of info, and even though my predictions typically have a high accuracy rate, some exclusions and errors are also always possible when working with nebulous energies). However, I channeled some of its impact and consequences by picking up on the energies, trends and intuitive messages that aligned with the current situation.

I will be discussing the inner workings of psychic channeling in further detail, later on. But for now, stay safe and take the news in the media with a grain of salt. There is a lot going on that isn’t shown to us. As I had mentioned before, 2020 will be a year of great commotion and confusion in the media with the public not knowing who and what to believe. If you need to unplug and enjoy your day sans stressful news, feel free to do so. May I suggest taking up sewing as a new hobby?

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