Chester Bennington – Dead By Sunrise, Literally. Suicide. Astrology Analysis.

On July 20, 2017, Chester Bennington, the lead singer of the band Linkin Park, shocked the world by committing suicide by hanging. If you have a spiritual and pro-astrology vein in your body, read my brief analysis of his inner struggles and the path to death.

To start off, I should mention that it was a certain video clip by Russell Brandt, a famous actor who is not afraid to talk about his depression and inner struggles, that inspired me to write this astrology analysis of Chester’s death, after his mention of Chester in the video.

Unlike Chester, Russel has a more natural ability to bring himself out of depression with the help of his more prominent air element in his chart, which gives him an ability to approach issues intellectually and rationally (whether you agree with his rationality is a different story but it’s not important in this case). Russel has a more balanced nature than Chester because of the presence of all 4 elements (fire, air, earth, water). The reason why I mention Russel’s elements is to point out Chester’s imbalance in that same area.

You see, Chester Bennington actually lacks earth in his chart and has very little (7%) air, which basically deprives him of being able to stand firmly on the ground and experience the concrete as well as intellectually/logically driven things in life.

He is basically all fire (passion/drive/extroverted planets) and water (emotions/introverted planets). When one lacks earth and air, one’s inner life full of creativity, emotional ocean and passion, completely overtakes any logic or rationality, bad things can happen.

Chester has a massively dominant 4th house – the house of roots, childhood issues, intimacy and home. Nearly 40% (!!!) of his chart is in the 4th house so if the issues in those areas are bothersome, they literally dominate one’s life. Hence his inability to get out of the childhood traumas. Sadly, astrology confirms his state of being “stuck” is self-induced depression. Personally, I also have a number of key planets in that same 4th house, and family-related issues have certainly taken a toll on me over the years, so I can relate.

What’s also curious is that Chester’s one of the most dominant houses (ie area of life where planets and corresponding zodiac signs play out in one’s chart) is in the 8th house. It’s the house of transformation, sex (hehe 6 kids, eh…) , a few other areas, and … DEATH… with a prominent 8th house and SOOO much water in one’s chart (he has planets in Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer), there is a real danger of harming oneself if things get too difficult emotionally.

The other predominant element in Chester Bennington’s chart is fire. Chester’s #1 strongest sign influence comes from Aries, a very aggressive and impulsive sign … so whenever his emotions take over (water), he will act impulsively and without logic (remember that he nearly lack air) on them. So chances are, on the night of his suicide the decision at that specific moment had an impulsive flavour of the “spur of the moment”, even though it had been brewing for a long time emotionally and could have been premeditated to a certain degree but likely not (premeditated would mean he’d need to use logic/rationality/planning but his 7% air is not enough here even though it is in Libra, a very friendly, partnership and “we” oriented planet known for its logical ability)…

A person with more air in their chart should be able to rationally bring themselves to listening to their voice of reason and accept mental help… however, when one is missing the air element, reasoning with such a person becomes nearly impossible. So no matter how much mental health awareness one is surrounded by or how much help one is offered, the help is often not used effectively in this case because of the overwhelming emotional state. This is literally the case of being drowned in one’s emotions.

One other important thing to mention is that temporary planetary transits can often “seal the deal” with certain actions. I haven’t checked what transit was happening on the day of his suicide but chances are, it was one that could help explain why the act was committed specifically on that day…

The reason why Russell Brand is able to deal with his depression more effectively and positively is because he has a healthy amount of air element in his chart (close to 30%). As a Gemini, he MUST be verbally expressive emotionally in order to stay “sane” and deal with things, and more rationally since Gemini is a very intelligent sign.

If you analyze most people with a strong Gemini in their chart (it doesn’t have to be in the sun sign but in other planets), you will start seeing a pattern of them being very talkative. They actually need to verbalize their thoughts and emotions that helps to overcome inner problems. I have my moon in Gemini so I can definitely relate.

If a person with a healthy air element influence in their chart does come to thoughts of harming themselves, such as suicide, they either will be able to bring themselves out of that state because of their rationality or, if they do succumb to their dangerous thoughts, the intention of the actual act will have a more logical flavour to it…

I’m oversimplifying many things here because I don’t want to overwhelm you all with an advanced astrology analysis just yet but my conclusion is that very sadly, I think despite the hope that Chester Bennington’s death brings forth more mental health awareness and help, I don’t think it would really help Chester….sure there is ALWAYS free will present (some people look at astrology as a religious mystical mumbo-jumbo for some reason but it’s just a tool to help explain one’s personality and challenging areas of life as to then being able to heal more effectively), but Chester was, unfortunately, born with certain challenges and imbalances in character that only got more prominent with his trauma and consequent depression. He was predisposed to mental health issues from his birth…

I know, it’s a big statement to make (Re: Chester Bennington’s mental health issues predisposition) if you have no astrology background, but dissecting celebrities’ birth charts is a good way to learn astrology…

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