Astrology Forecast March 2019

Welcome to your astrology forecast – March 2019 edition! This will be a ground-breaking month and everyone will be affected one way or another, even if subtly.

Around March 1, Venus at 29° Capricorn squares Uranus at 29° Aries and then enters Aquarius right after.

Sobering experiences in relationships and some disruptions may result in some people feeling rejected. Reflecting on what is real and true is important here.


Around March 5, Mercury at 29° Pisces, another so-called “critical degree”, stations and turns retrograde. Something unexpected is likely to happen that nobody saw coming.

Gemini Suns and Ascendants, and Virgo Suns and Ascendants might feel a bit down. Things may not go your way, and you may repeat some error already made in the past so a revision of your learning process is needed. Some minor health challenge is also possible.

The likelihood of strikes increases significantly when Mercury stations.

Following astrometeorology and mundane astrology, 29° Pisces is related to water issues such as lots of precipitation, floods, issues with the ocean etc.


Around the March 6 New Moon at 15° Pisces, a so-called “critical degree”, the Sun conjuncts Neptune at 16° Pisces. 15° Pisces is referred to as the “drowning degree”, like being underwater and/or being drowned by some situation or having an above average difficulty handling and coping with some situation, especially emotionally.

This New Moon period brings with it:

  • Chaos, uncertainty, feeling lost or helpless, and not being able to cope with some situation properly.
  • Possible water-related issues.

Around March 6th New Moon, we will hear news about some celebrity or a VIP leaving… could be a dismissal, resignation, disappearance, or any sort of “leaving”. The Sun conjunct Neptune aspect at 16° Pisces (this is a very public degree hence a connection to a public figure) suggests this. We may hear about some secret or discovery of sorts to come out in the open. A resolution of an issue may gain publicity.

The entrance of the disruptive Uranus in the fixed/stubborn Taurus on March 6th brings a shock and is one of the main themes of every astrology forecast March 2019 edition. Many people will be brought out of their comfort zones as changes related to all things material begin to change in radical ways.

Liberating and innovative Uranus will break down the way we perceive, acquire and use material goods, property and possessions in general. The modernization of the monetary system is on the way, with the digitalization of many products and services in unconventional and revolutionary ways.

Astrology Forecast March 2019 Gemini Virgo


Around March 11 you may get some uplifting news if you were born around:

  • February 1
  • March 18
  • May 2-3
  • June 18-19
  • August 4-5
  • September 20-21
  • November 4-5
  • December 19


Around March 13-14, the waxing square between the Sun at 23° Pisces and Jupiter at 23° Sagittarius points to public announcements/publicity. Yet in mundane astrology, 23° Pisces is often related to sadness, as well as the collective (social groups, 23 is the Aquarius degree), so let’s observe how this plays out.


Around March 14-15, the retrograde Mercury conjunct Sun at 24° Pisces:

  • We may see more shock, possible strikes or situations related to intense but easy come-easy go types of scenarios.
  • The retrograde Mercury at 23° Pisces, the sign of its detriment, squares Jupiter at 23° Sagittarius, its own sign. Gossip or bluff is likely as always the case with challenging aspects to Pisces Mercury. Publicity of some secret documents or information that gets out may be unreliable though and/or not everything that is told will be carried out.

Astrology March 2019


Around March 20 the Sun enters Aries and marks the start of an emotionally intense period until March 31. The March 21 Full Moon at 0° Libra (“critical degree”) brings Venus at 23° Aquarius square Mars at 23° Taurus (the sign of its fall).

With Venus being the dispositor of Mars in Taurus (Venus rules Taurus), this will be a very energetic Full Moon. It may bring new encounters, new agreements, new relationships, to socialize, to be popular in some way, to talk about money and/or business. Some of you may accept a new opportunity or change the social environment.

The waning Venus square Mars transit longs for romance that it cannot get and reflects physical and not necessarily romantic urges as it tries to enforce “love” not realizing that love is not lust.

During this Full Moon phase, especially women should be careful with whom they get involved with around this time because this aspect has been linked, in its extreme form, to rape, rude behavior, and unfulfilled love desires. If you had sufficient experience with people with a natal Mars square Venus aspect, you already know that it causes a conflict between the romantic and sexual wants, and the way the person goes about getting it, with the potential partner usually ending up thinking “he was one way when he was wooing me but soon after getting me he totally changed”).

Any time Venus and Mars (which are opposites) clash with each other, there are issues with knowing your boundaries, your own and somebody else’s urges. It’s best to release the tension via artistry during this time.

In my case, for instance, my mother’s Venus is at 23° Aquarius square Mars in Taurus so she will be directly affected by this, and I will probably be, too, as a result of me recently working hard on establishing healthy boundaries in our relationship that she was used to breaking until I had no choice but to cut off communication with her in order to heal my wounding. This March 2019 Full Moon may further affect me deeply as it will conjunct my Sun in Libra so my relationships with men and my own identity will be touched, hopefully in a positive way.

If you were born around the following dates, the Full Moon of March 2019 may actually turn out auspicious for you and could bring a creative, passion and love-filled or just overall fortunate experience:

  • February 12
  • March 29
  • May 14
  • June 30
  • August 16
  • October 2
  • November 16
  • December 30

Astrology Mid-March 2019


Around March 24, Mercury conjunct Neptune at 16° Pisces (a public degree of Cancer). Possible outcomes are:

  • Something that was previously undisclosed and/or hidden may now become public.
  • Researching the truth about some situation or “digging up” information about something.
  • Some recognition is possible.
  • On the romantic front, a memorable encounter, a lusty/love-inducing experience or simply pleasant feelings may affect you if you are born around January 15-16, March 1, April 15-16, May 31 – June 1, July 18, September 3, October 18-19 or December 2-3.

March 2019 Forecast


Around March 25-26, Mars is at 26° Taurus, conjunct the Fixed Star Algol, one of the most destructive and evil Fixed Stars, suggesting being too blunt, bold and/or bullying. Control your emotions and anger! 

Around March 26, Venus enters Pisces focusing on romance and love ideals or idealization of a partner. Secrets and sacrifice may affect your relationships and you may struggle with standing firm and end up giving in in the name of “love.” This may be a good time to have an emotionally empathetic discussion to smooth out any outstanding issues from the Mercury retrograde. 

Beware of substance abuse and alcohol during this more ethereal transit though. Listening to or even creating music will heal your soul better than substances!

Following astrometeorology, we should expect some precipitation here and there due to Venus entering a water sign Pisces.

March 2019 Astrology


Mercury stations and turns direct again around March 28 at 16° Pisces. While this period often coincides with possible strikes, yet, in general, things are slowly progressing and you feel on track again. 

Gemini or Virgo Suns or Ascendants will start to see more clearly now about some situation that will help make a decision with more confidence and informed certainty.

Information and/or documents get noticed and/or are made public, the more so because the station happens at the very public degree of 16° Pisces.


At the same time, Pluto at 22° Capricorn opposes the mean Lunar North Node.

The Pluto-Lunar Nodes opposition indicates power issues and complications in your relationships.

Pluto always presents (even forces) intense emotional experiences that turn something upside down. There can be death (and/or rebirth/transformation) or a reversal of a painful relationship. Perhaps you had worked out the issues from the miscommunications and disagreements that occurred earlier.

Because generational Pluto and the Lunar Nodes stay close together, their influence will last for several weeks (and beyond this month, really) so aspect’s influence is more of a background “mood” or atmosphere.

However, beware of some dramatic accidents or experiences.

Mars enters mutable Gemini around March 31 and points to more fast communication, arguments, numerous work-related short trips, and mental or cerebral activities (like reading, studying, writing,…).

More public traffic and/or transportation accidents may occur as people’s focus is more fickle.

March 2019 Astrology Predictions

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