Astrology Forecast August 2019

In the first 2 weeks of this astrology forecast August 2019 edition, we should expect summer heatwaves due to Mars and Jupiter trining each other in fire signs. Wildfires are a serious possibility. Since a trine is considered to be an easy flowing aspect that removes obstacles, the dryness of the fiery Mars trine Jupiter can produce fast-spreading damage at extreme speeds. 

Before you panic any further, September will bring heavier rainfall (and, consequently, more floods in some areas) due to the Jupiter square Neptune transit. 

On a mundane level, notable events are likely to happen around August 5, August 11-12, August 19 and/or August 26-27 with August 1, 17, 21, 22 and 29 being generally “less lucky”. 

This astrology forecast August predictions will affect some birthdays in particular:

  • If you are born around January 1, February 14, March 31, May 16, July 2, August 18-19, October 4 or November 18, you may experience relief in whatever situation you are. Exciting progress, fortunate surprises, and/or big breaks are likely.

  • People born around February 6-7, March 23, May 8, June 24, August 10, September 26, November 10 or December 25 will benefit from some fortunate developments, new perspectives, increased optimism and big things being planned/organized.

  • January 21, March 7, April 21, June 7, July 24, September 9, October 25 or December 8 birthdays: there can be notable financial expenses or losses. You may be quite self-indulgent and may not see things clearly. With your imagination running high, beware of big disappointments, being misguided or facing legal issues.

  • January 30, March 15, April 30, June 16, August 2, September 18, November 2 or December 17 birthdays: significant changes may signal the opening of new doors and perspectives.

  • February 3-4, March 20, May 5, June 21, August 7, September 22-23, November 7 or December 21-22 birthdays: you may start to live together with another person or in some group. Changes of residence, relocation, or group travel is possible. Real estate, construction work and buildings are on the agenda.

As Mercury stations and turns direct on August 1 at 23° Cancer, the New Moon (SuperMoon) will slowly start to bring relief to Gemini and Virgo Suns and Ascendants after the pretty difficult Mercury Retrograde. After August 5th, you can resume making important decisions, including regarding changes in your immediate environment, workplace, or residence.

Around August 2, Venus at 6° Leo squares Uranus at 6° Taurus, pointing to a short-lived attraction or encounter, the need to be noticed, as well as the urge to break free or even break up! 

Around August 5, go on a date or hold a pleasant meeting!

Between August 7-9, cozying up at home, inviting people over, or beautifying your home feels nice. In matters of 1-on-1 romance, a bit of variety may be needed.

Around August 8, appearing more self-contained or self-absorbed may lead to reservations in relationships. It may be uneasy to contact someone or others. Connecting with elderly or sick people should go smoothly though.

The current August astrology forecast for this period will especially apply to you if you are born around January 5-6, February 4-5, March 6, April 5, May 6, June 6, July 7-8, August 8, September 8, October 8-9, November 8 or December 7-8.

Around August 9-10, sadness including in love matters or a minor health issue may affect some. You may feel disappointed in someone or feel betrayed.

Those born around February 5, March 22, May 7, June 23, August 9, September 25, November 9 or December 24, may experience some relationships cooling off or be lived in a more detached way. Shyness or inhibition in relationships is possible.

When Mercury re-enters Leo around August 11-12, Jupiter stations and turns direct again at 14° Sagittarius while Uranus stations at 6° Taurus and turns retrograde. Two planetary stations at the same time will surely be felt.

Jupiter’s station at its own sign 14° Sagittarius suggests widespread legal issues or legal issues that expand since Jupiter expands everything that it touches for good or ill. At the Taurus degree of material possessions, money and material gain, law and legal document-related matters will now become a focal point. Also, Jupiter in Sag deals with foreign affairs or countries. Issues with foreigners might bring some breaking news.

Whether it turns direct or retrograde, stationing Uranus brings a shock and the need for increased awareness. At 6° Taurus, stationing Uranus disrupts, cracks open, and even breaks down existential certainties. We can be presented with earth-shaking events or experiences (literally or figuratively). Expect breakthroughs, especially in the fields of technology, digital media, science, medicine, and other areas of life. The backward motion of Uranus in the sign of materialistic Taurus may even indicate some tendency to break away from financial or material securities.

When Jupiter and Uranus station during the same period, be on the lookout for news or discussions around (especially space and scientific) exploration.

Around August 12, beware of Neptunian self-deception and secretiveness around relationships. Music, however, can have a healing effect to balance the current mood out.

The following birthdays will feel this the most: January 8-9, February 7, March 9, April 8, May 9, June 9, July 10-11, August 11, September 11, October 11-12, November 10-11 or December 10-11.

Around August 14, the Sun conjunct Venus at 21° Leo will enhance social gatherings around the Full Moon. 

This astrology forecast August 14 period will especially affect the following birthdays: February 10, March 27, April 11, May 12, June 12, June 28, August 14, September 29-30, October 15, November 14, December 13-14 or December 28. Intense love encounters and/or irresistible attractions can occur, however, not all of them will be welcome because of the intensity and the force they bring forth.

Watch out for traffic issues around August 16 as Mercury at 6° Leo square Uranus at 6° Taurus brings a sudden turn of events. Expect to see breaking news on TV and/or social media. Since 6° is a Virgo degree, we can also expect cold/logical criticism around this square. 

In astrometeorology, Mercury square Uranus points to a period of heavier than normal wind.

Around August 17-18 Mars enters work-related Virgo and returns work back on the agenda.

Around these days, working alone is best, especially when on an important project that requires attention on the small details. Avoid distraction and focus. For some of you, there might be a separation from (a) co-worker(s). A co-worker may leave or even be fired/laid-off.

Around August 19, some religion-related issues might be in the news.

Around August 21, Venus enters service-oriented submissive yet critical Virgo and joins Mars. Here, love may be found on the working floor. The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are more likely to get positive outcomes from this period. As well as the Pisces Sun natives. 

Since Venus in Virgo is rather shy energy for love matters, expect some difficulties with emotional expressions around these days. 

If you are born around January 5, February 3, March 5, April 4, May 5, June 5, July 6-7, August 7, September 7, October 7-8, November 7 or December 6-7, around August 21 you may travel or study. Note possible disagreements during meetings.

With the Sun entering Virgo as well, around August 23, there is now a stellium in Virgo, adding to the romantic mood that most earth signs will experience in late August.

As Venus conjunct Mars at 4° Virgo around August 24 brings more romantic sparks, the conjunction being in Virgo suggests more concern with working diligently (the way we attract money is also a Venus thing!). 

Many people are, however, expected to propose or marry in late August in particular as the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Juno join in Virgo. At the very least, celebrations and socializing are plausible.

Some issues related to real estate, buildings, or construction work are expected.

August 26 and 27, a change in the relationship or a career, as well as the place of residence or work, may be on the agenda. Solitude is welcomed for those who get affected by these energies.

Between August 27-29, some of you born around the following dates, may start to live together or initiate living situation-related matters, while others may experience issues with apartments, buildings, or construction work:

January 5, February 3, March 5, April 4, May 5, June 5, July 6-7, August 7, September 7, October 7-8, November 7 or December 6-7, 

When Mercury enters Virgo, around August 29, you might feel a perfectionist vibe. Critical thinking and analytical work will be beneficial. Don’t let this hold you back. 

With a 4 planet stellium in Virgo, many Libras may experience some secret or behind the scenes situations.

Around the perigee New Moon (SuperMoon) of August 30, some tension in your relationships is possible. Separation, unexpected unsettling news, as well as excitement and even childbirth, are possible.


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