Welcome to AstroSalt, my small company filled with a big dream of spreading the goodness of astrology and spiritual awakening as tools to improve every aspect of one’s life, from inner confidence and personal relationships to professional success and even money-making opportunities! I’m here to raise your vibration!

Astrosalt.com was founded by yours truly, Lera Salt, a passionate and spiritual entrepreneur who’s been on the road to conscious self-discovery via astrology for over 15 years. I specialize in astropsychology and have a unique (some may call it psychic) intuition that helps me to understand people’s conflicting energies on a deep level, and I am currently working on strengthening my energy-reading abilities to help me in my healing practice.

While my main areas of interest are romantic and child-parent relationships, my entrepreneurial mindset has led me to expand my knowledge to include vocational astrology and even (stock) market astrophysics.

I deeply believe that astrology, when combined with conventional psychology principles, provides a highly effective way to help people discover and achieve their life’s purpose, help heal their childhood wounds, understand why some relationships may be very hard while others flow smoothly and more naturally, and lead to prosperity.

The proceeds from the product sales from my website Astrosalt.com are used towards the development of a comprehensive series of astrology-based educational content and programs for the public. I thank you in advance for supporting my cause and for welcoming astrology into your life.

Not only are the astrology-themed items in my mini e-shop stylish, but they are also of a good quality. These items make great gifts, and are a great way to show our support for the astrology-loving community of people like you who choose to find answers and discover a better way to live a more fulfilling life!

I passionately believe in the great value of products and information, which is why I commit ourselves to giving you the best of both. I really care! My aim is to provide my customers with products that keep them happy, at prices that keep them sane (haha), yet my bigger goal is to provide my followers and readers with a unique and personalized content that would help them attain a more fulfilling and blissful life! Through my astrology articles, I am working towards building long-lasting and meaningful relations.

If you’re looking to supercharge your life, welcome to AstroSalt!